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Shite Trailers

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I like home made things like this trailer I found, waiting  on an allotment. Allegro hubcap?


I didn't look, but I expect it has those rubber-in-torsion suspension units.  Time was when trailers were built from  recognisable car axles and leaf springs.  

A brother-in-law even made a bike trailer from a Messerschmitt bubble-car front axle.

Trailer-shite pictures anyone?


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I've built a few*


Some shite, some not.


Had this about 20 years, replaced the wood 3 times. 6 x 4, later extended the front to get a bike in.

Mini wheels on solid axle with coil springs which became coil bound as soon as you put any weight in.


Tilt bed to suit Mini, drive it on, bed levels itself.


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Here is mine. Doubling has storage at the minute. Picked it up from the lad over the road. Has new wheels and tyres , taken off and put away . Plan is to grind and repaint.  It's all metal so easy enough. Make a lid to take it a foot higher and then attach roof box, also put away in shed. 


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My shite trailer.


Homebrew effort I bought from a fella in Hastings through the Friday Ad back in 2005, and now in a terrible state.

Haven't used it for yonks, as either my cars haven't had a towbar, or else it's been trapped between the fence and one of my non-running heaps for years at a stretch.


Yeah, that's not looking too clever...


No, I'd not want to put much weight into that.


Plan is to strip out the rotten timber, de-rust and repaint the T-chassis, and fit a new base and sides - possibly a ladder bar too.


Mini rims and Indispension rubber-torsion hubs. I'll be wanting new tyres at some point; these aren't looking too great either even though there's a fair bit of tread left.

Mudguards need a dab of Plastic Padding and Isopon too, I daresay.

It's still wearing the number plate off my old Mk VI Escort - and I sold that eleven years ago.


Bonus pic of said Escort/trailer combo, plus me getting a chewing off my soon-to-be ex for having filled the new trailer with LPs and model cars while leaving England to return to NI - leaving no room for anything else like clothes and household items.


I can't really say she was wrong, in fairness. I've the other flatmate to thank for this salutary reminder of how I can be a bit of a prick sometimes.


And then later, in a slightly less haphazard house move, with MrsDC at the wheel this time.


But even though the Forester doesn't have a towbar, I'd like to get the trailer sorted. So it's a project for the spring, really... along with the non-running scooter, obviously.

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Our 8x4 trailer was a converted caravan and while the wheels are a bit far back for perfect balance it has been great because it is 8x4 inside with finger room. Also the frame at the front has helped many times to secure the load. Unfortunately one of the stub axles now has wear and the wheel wobbles so we are no longer using it. It seemed easier to buy a new trailer than try to find which caravan the stub axle came from, obtain one and fit it.



8x4 no.2 is disappointing, it is 8x4 on the outside and did did not think about that when I bought it. Also no tie on hooks or front frame. The wood has now started to rot away. It still works though.


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2 hours ago, Amishtat said:

A few arty photos later someone gave a ton for it. Strange old world sometimes. 

Did you put the magic words 'Vintage Retro Steampunk' in the ad? Seems to be the approved method of inflating the value of any old toss you care to mention...

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Which reminds me of when I tried to tow one of these


with my Morris Minor.  

I roped it to the bumper through the large hole in the subframe.  It was a disaster as the weight on the Minor was about 50kg of lift and the towed wheels were at funny angles with the unloaded swing axle suspension. I gave up after not very far, unhitched and pushed the trailer home. 

(It's the subframe etc from a VW type 3. The one in this picture is odd because fuel injection happened after swing axles had ended. I think. Sold mine to a grasstracker)

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