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Das Audi 100. MOT Pass. YAY

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starting with the correct brand of rocket fuel i see :-) fair play!
Tis the only and right brand of tea. Good strong stuff.

Anyway. I've my universal spanner that rounds things. A little socket set and a bit of oil packed. Hopefully needing none of the above.

Waiting for the train to turn up. 119c728270b9a84eb8cc255a38945ac8.jpg

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So a collection report  (wee bit later in the evening; had some bits to do this afternoon)

It's a late 1989 Audi 100 2.2e avant.  2226cc 10v with Bosch fuel injection.  I think it's about 132-140bhp depending on the source you read.  5 speed box, and the 5th cog has very tall gearing.

5 cylinders just to be a little odd...

I cant work out the trim level but it's probably a mid range unit; there's a manual sun roof with all round electric windows.  I hope you like velour as it has a lot of it. 


It all went rather well to be honest. No real mishaps or major show stopping problems. 

The Good:

  • The bodywork; it's pretty excellent.  Audi really did do a good job of protecting this body.  There's a few rusty spots but it is very very solid.  Many years left in this body.
  • The engine; it pulls really well.  Great spread of torque; it really gets a shift on.  The Avant only weighs 1200kg thereabouts so it doesn't have much weight to pull (as much as a modern Golf tbh) so it shifts really well.
  • 5th gear is geared low.  Like you're only hitting 3k rpm at 70mph.
  • No rattles, squeaks and really low road noise (the 100 famously had a very low drag coefficient).
  • 5 cylinder snarl
  • The underside is pretty good for something 30 years old. 
  • It's very very clean inside.  There's a few scuffs but it isn't showroom but it's not far off.
  • Very little in the way of electronic control, very mechanical.
  • All original, one owner for about 28 years.
  • 5 cylinder growl.
  • Hubcaps.
  • Lots of paperwork.
  • 5 cylinder warble.
  • Quiet at cruising speed

The Bad(-ish)

  • There's a small judder/misfire on the overun.  It's not noticable too much at cruise speed but you can feel it round town (I suspect the momentum of the car irons it out)
  • Some corrosion on the front driver wheelarch.  Vactan and paint will sort most of it and the sill might need a small patch.
  • Tyres are old and all need replacing due to age.  Fronts are 17 years old and the rears look just as old.  (cheap 175/40/14s though)
  • Speedo wobbles occasionally; gonna look at the big haynes books of ignorance and see how it's removed and maybe cleaned and lubed.
  • Fuel pump is whining loudly, suspect it's causing the judder on overrun.

So all in all, not too bad I think. 


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Some photos...

It's a big aul bus even by modern standards.  Dat nose overhang.


Rear end looks great, *snigger*



Boot is huuuuuuuge with vinyl cover


Do you like blue velour? Not much choice, trim is coloured to match


Rear sills are solid, from the inside of the boot



Boot lid needs a lick of vatcan and paint though


As does the front right wheelarch




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