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More stupidity - a collection

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I told myself I don't need any more cars, I've got enough and I'll get some fixed and have loads to choose from.
Then you end up working too many hours, one cars breaks the week after getting it through an MOT, then another breaks and you're back to one working/legal car. Instead of getting them fixed you end up browsing ebay and bidding on yet another car.

Today in pictures:







 … good night folks.

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7 hours ago, skattrd said:

The flight plus hotel only cost slightly more than the train would have and it meant I can collect the car in the morning instead of late afternoon.
This also means I can hopefully* get home tomorrow without driving many hours in to the night.

Far too sensible and clever. You'll be telling us you have break down cover next.

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17 minutes ago, skattrd said:

First issue, phone not charging through fag lighter, so sat nav off most of the way me thinks. 


You don't need sat nav.  A90/M90 to Edinburgh, A1 to Lincolnshire - piece of cake.

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5 hours ago, skattrd said:

@ruffgeezer if you/Pete want some amg alloys the ones currently on this car should be available cheapish. 

Yep, let me know when the time is right!

Pete's E300 is a 6cyl turbo diesel auto, it has had a lot spent on new brake pipes and welding for its latest mot, full black moo and dark green paintwork. Running AMG monoblock 17"s

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Sit rep:


Penrith 300 miles or so done, car running gr9, a few niggles but nothing major, fingers crossed. 


I had a pit stop earlier around Central Scotland to say hello to 320touring, brother and fatha touring.

Now its KFC in Penrith then time to cross the country to the east coast and A1. 


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      An international kolleckshun in reverse, the car is located in the UK but I am not! My friends arrived from the Bahamas to stay in France for a couple of months so the first thing they did was to ask me to source transport. The only sensible* thing to do was to buy shite from here, so as I am heading home today, they are coming along to kollect. They will probably spend a week or so in the UK before returning to France.
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      As per title, anyone over this way able to cast their eyes over an unexpected eBay win?
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      Good morning.
      I have been clearing out* for a while now. Today, a Volvo left. I have made tentative arrangements to have two others leave, so those are sold pending collection.
      Last week the Council Estate died at 5am when I was leaving work. The daily for some time, the ever reliable Montego EFi, started haemorraging fuel AND water in alarming amounts, as well as overheating in traffic as the fan switch has breathed it's last. A new water pump will be on order when I can be arsed but the fuel leak has been sorted.
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      Has a few issues - biggest of all is rough running / misfire at idle. Top suspect is the inlet manifold gasket which was kindly supplied. 
      Needs a proper service since the previous giffer owner seems to have been ripped off by his local garage - the air filter is black as fuck and the spark plugs fitted are probably not the correct ones. 
      OSF sidelight is inop - broken wire. Upon investigating I found some top class wiring repairs to the lighting harness:

      Yes, twisted together wires covered in masking tape. Lovely. 
      All in all it’s very clean and tidy though - 33k on the clock! 
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      FFS. Will I never learn?
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      Alarm duly set for 05.00.....
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