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The PMSL Fitting Exhaust in the box 19/01/20

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You join us on a dry Wednesday afternoon, shortly after our main protagonist has confirmed that the mission is still on for this evening.

He has done well to get this far - having bought a 9th car before telling his beloved. 

Baws intact, he sits plotting what to put in his "Ohshit Kit"..


The idiocy is due to commence circa 5.15pm.

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"What was he thinking?" he thinks in the 3rd person as he sits and contemplates his fate.

After much thought and consideration he had managed to sell 20% of his fleet, and enjoyed the attendant reductions in time, cost and misery.


However, 50% of those flogged were working, MOT'D cars.. so fleet roadworthyness dropped from 3 in 10 to 2 in 8.

Not ideal.

But then again, neither was this solution.

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We are home. All well.

No pez station shot as had 1/3 of a tank

Roving report.

4 matching nexan tyres with 7mm tread
Brand new huge Lucas Battery
Air con works
Radio works
Cruise control works
Autobox works
Engine pulls well
Heated seats work
Rear wash/wipe works

Big rust hole in the boot door.



11/10 so far

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