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Nubbin For Sale, warning K11 content

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Loving home sought, must sell through no fault of its own etc.

I have a 54000 miles (ish) 2002 K11 Micra 1.0 CVT 'S' for sale, it has factory alloy wheels and an aftermarket stereo/CD player (not too bad actually). For the uninitiated, the CVT gearbox is like a twist and go jobby, put your foot down and you whisk off surprisingly quickly for a 1.0! There are no gears as such, but there is a sport button - and it actually makes a difference! A surprising one. It being a 2002 facelift K11, you get a better ignition system (no dizzy, individual coils etc), a sleeker look, doorcards that the fabric peels off of and a CVT gearbox that is not made out of cardboard like the earlier N-CVT types. The engine is chain driven, so no belts to worry about.

I bought this in April for mum to mooch around in as she's having a difficult time just now, a few mobility and financial issues (not a great combo!) and so I bought this for her, but also for me to mooch about in when I don't want to use the Hearse. It's no longer required as mum's situation has improved, and she's now bought herself something. So I have Nubbins back, but need the funds back from it which is sad because I really quite like it. A big surprise to me, IS NOT SHIT! My sister had these for her first few cars back when they really weren't worth anything, hers were all totally shit and she accidentally did quite well with the bangernomics philosophy, binning them when they were about to fall apart into small rusty pieces, needed a clutch etc.

So, it has almost full-service history, it was MOT'd and serviced in March this year, it had a new full exhaust system in 04/2017 (even though only the rear box was blowing) and a full set of tyres in 08/2017, a new LHS caliper in 2016. It seems to have been very well looked after by the PO and previous owners, the PO had it since 2015 (the invoice for £2245 is in with the SH) but their dog got too big to fit in it! So, the logical thing to do was get a Skoda Roomster, cos they're roomy right? It's in the name and everything. My gain, I won the ebay auction for a smidgen over a grand, and when I picked it up the PO was very apologetic that it had an empty petrol tank, so gave me £50 for fuel - lovely people they were. The lady's husband (yes, a careful lady owner - not ragged or anything) had a collection of stuff, a Disco 3 (Shit rather than shite methinks), Volvo P1800 (gorgeous), S-Type and Merc C250d estate that had been to the moon and back. That's not mentioning the farm shite, many pieces or machinery, tractors, agricultural items I didn't know what they were etc.

Apologies for the dirty, shit pictures - I haven’t had time to clean it yet and it still has a load of mum’s crap in there! Will clean, tidy and post better pictures when time allows - possibly Monday.



The drivers front wing has a dent, the door card fabric has come unstuck from the card itself and there is a small crack in the front bumper RHS lower corner (wasn't there when I bought it!). Otherwise it is a very smart little thing, with low miles, no rust that I have found (or been reported at MOT time) and so should keep motoring on for some time. Mum has been all over the south west in it, I have been up to Bristol and back once a week for the last month (160 mile round trip) so have total confidence in it - it will sit at 70+ on the motorway quite nicely, although steep hills make it a bit revvy and noisy. It's a 1L though bruv, innit.

It owes me £1K, I need to sell it to pay for university tuition fees and need the funds back for this purpose. Any shiters want a punt? Offers accepted. Is located in East Coker, Somerset and isn’t taxed or insured atm.

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Although it owes me a grand, the tuition fees I need to pay are not quite £800, so if you're thinking of an offer that's what it'll need to be around. I know it's not really a shite price, but the fees gotta be paid... 😬 I'd rather avoid ebay etc if I can, as i've been messed around enough in the past.

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Can confirm that these CVTs make a thud and just stop working if you attempt a 4krpm neutral drop. 


Can also confirm that they fix themselves with another thud if you bounce them off the limiter. 


My only experience of driving one is this one but it was great so I'm sure they all are:FB_IMG_1571491820114.thumb.jpg.c5f2f707066013e9bc603b9acb1c7a27.jpg

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Having owned the earlier K11 N-CVT for many years (in 1.3 flavour), I can confirm these cars are a hoot to drive.

Don't let the blue rinse image put you off, if I were in the market I'd buy another tomorrow. Lovely little cars.

It deserves a good home, it really does.

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Yes oui si, that looks very very much fun! Especially a convertible with what looks like an intercooler! (bonus points for cable ties holding it on) 😎

Cheers Etchy, I love it, if I didn't have fees to pay i'd tuck it away until I needed it as it seems to be a good one. A set of replacement door cards (or if your handy with spray glue, re-stick the current ones) and a good used wing would sort it cosmetically.

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1 hour ago, Tomtation said:

Yes oui si, that looks very very much fun! Especially a convertible with what looks like an intercooler! (bonus points for cable ties holding it on) 😎

Cheers Etchy, I love it, if I didn't have fees to pay i'd tuck it away until I needed it as it seems to be a good one. A set of replacement door cards (or if your handy with spray glue, re-stick the current ones) and a good used wing would sort it cosmetically.

It was a low mileage nana-owned hatch that had its roof stihl sawed off and the doors welded up. Was full of shattered glass. 


That's an oil cooler hanging out front, it isn't connected to anything. 


Not mine, I just helped paint it then gave it a blat round the campsite. 

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Lol, extra point for imitation unconnected intercooler! I'm intrigued to find out that they actually did do a K11 convertible, the Nissan March which almost doesn't look shit...

HOLY K11 PORN! Cleaned the Nubbin today, got a stinking cold atm which i'd thought i'd kicked, but playing outside in the cold sunshine and wet car-cleaning has now reduced me to a dribbling grumping person.

Nubs has more dents and scratches than i'd realised (photo's are flattering), but no upper rust at least. I didn't get as far as the nterior because dark, and I really should be studying (or at least snivelling in bed) rather than car tinkering.








Even driving it around the corner for a less shitty photo background (yes, this is an improvement!) made me smile, and the childish urge to floor it, the twist and go gearbox really is fun.

I'll have a go at the interior in the week and then it'll be ebay etc, let me know if there is any interest.

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Best of luck with the sale. If I was in a position to have another car I'd be interested in this myself.

If anyone is on the fence about it being a small auto I can vouch for the fact that the CVT K11 is an absolute hoot to drive & the transmission suits the eager character of the car. Dunno what it sounds like in this (I had a 1.3) but a mate of mine thought it sounded like a jet due to the noise it made :mrgreen:

Great little car, somebody please buy Nubbin & take care of it, CVT K11's must be a pretty rare breed by now.



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      I've had various threads on the go for different collections this year, but thought I'd condense my threads into one manageable thread to document my ham-fisted tinkering.

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      From January I started looking, there were eBay bids, missed reserves, wasted trips from Gumtree and other such nonsense. I happened on an automatic Rover 216 GSI with one giffer owner from a year old. The chap was giving up driving at 93 years old and his grandson was moving it on. I bid, and failed. It was in London though, about 420 miles away so I wasn't all that bothered. Of course when he offered it to me for my losing bid after the winning buyer was a no show I said yes. I was on the Megabus down to that London overnight for about £15. I hung about in Liverpool Street station like a mad shivering jakey until my train out to the suburb for my first sight of the new steed. It was battered outside but had been well looked after. A frankly insulting amount of cash changed hands and I was away up the road.

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      Given their relative scarcity and how dependable this one has proven so far, it's a keeper, I'd struggle to part with it.

      Two cars just wasn't enough to worry about, so this Citroen C1 was acquired. Pure Aleppo spec. A camel can go for weeks, or months without stopping at a watering hole, the C1 has a similar thirst for Motor Spirit. Man maths were employed and worked out that it would easily* pay for itself.

      There have been further movements, I'll recap them shortly. I should probably do some work.
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      Lads, lads, lads. Its been ages since I bought a thing, and I LOVE BUYING THINGS. I couldn’t sleep last night, for instance. 
      I feel great because buying vehicles SOLVES ALL OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS (apart from parking permits). 
      Anyway, I just agreed to buy a thing, with collection commencing today or tomorrow. 
      In the meantime, let’s spy on the vendors house on street view shall we? My little bundle of joy is tucked in behind that rather tasty 164. 

    • By flat4alfa
      Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it.  Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc
      But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off

      MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car.  Interior tidy.  Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble.  It's not a shed by any means.
      History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette.  132k.  Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders.  I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all.
      It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off.  Discs look to have little time left on them too.  Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear.  Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there
      Bonuses are: it's green, it's the estate, excellent heater, it's AWD for snowzombievirus kaos, got insurance cover it on classic multicar policy (Hagerty) as now it's old enough 1998
      I just need to get my money back.  It owes me 400 notes.  Can go today
      Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly

      Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton
      £7 a ticket or 3 for £20
      I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now 
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      Well, OK, just a few brochures for sale, after having sorted through my pile over Christmas.
      The postage price will vary according to weight, so the prices below exclude postage - we'll sort this out in PMs. Obviously, if anyone wants more than one, I'll send them together. All are in excellent condition, with some very minor age related creases.
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