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On 10/12/2019 at 7:24 PM, Jim Bergerac said:

I can recall Bruce's Price is Shi... Right giving away some right dodgy motors back in the late 90s. My level of sad bastard anorak interest in this area descended to the point that I invested an entire evening once to watching old shows on YouTube to see what was given away.

Like most shows of the time the rump of the prizes were made up of the larger offerings of Korean brands:




But sometimes they gave away something a little more, errr, interesting





Legend has it that Nicholas Pissing Parsons of Sale Of The Century fame started Lada jokes as the show offered one when they first went on sale and in showing that it had four doors, he went to open one and it fell off. Sadly I don’t think the show exists anymore but he talked about it in an interview once. 

Edit as I found a picture of him getting ran over by a miniMetro:


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