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Smoll SooZooKey - K'lexshun kaper complete - initial thoughts

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Quick update Destination achieved around 15:30


£38 to fill up but pez shot won’t upload for some reason.

it’s 8pm, just stopped at Tot Hill services, which is dire.

coffee purchased, about an hour til I get home

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8 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

Final train boarded. I have not seen this type before.


Need a wee. Destination just under 2 hours.

Poo count = 0

Those are the bread and butter of where I grew up

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6 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

Some Welsh


about 30 minutes of train left

Ti'di dod i Gymru? Da iawn, dwi'n gobeithio bod ti wedi cael amser da yng Nghymru.

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pez shot!

I’m home safely. Uneventful drive other than usual middle/outer lane idiots who must overtake a lorry doing 56 at 56.5 mph. Little Ignis performed beautifully no undue knocks, rattles etc and is just like a go-kart! Mrs_D likes it and have taken her for a quick spin round the block.

great to meet you @Cavcraft, a true gentleman, many thanks for the bonus items in the boot as well! A pleasure to do business with you.

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Having a 250 mile 5 hour drive home (including a coffee purchase and wee wee) it gave me plenty of time to get a good idea of this little car and if it would be a long termer for me, or like the Focus I had 18 months ago, binned off after 3 weeks.

Initial thoughts were how am I going to get in it and will it get me home in comfort? Thankfully I fit in it with just about enough room and yes I found it comfortable once I'd found the best seating position for my ample bulk. Cavcraft recommended I went home via Nantwich on the A41 then along to the M56, M6 etc, so some 60mph single carriageway roads with a few bends gave me enough time to see how it drove.

The driving position is very upright, much like driving a lorry which suits me well, the stalks and buttons are well positioned (for me at least), no back aches, no dead legs, and most importantly, no left bollock trappage when pressing the clutch pedal. Pedal spacing is very wide, which is ideal when you have size 15s. 

Handling I wasn't expecting much, but on smooth roads it's pretty good and is quite checkable like a go-kart, it's a bit more fidgety on bumpy surfaces but a short wheelbase, narrowish track and tall body I was expecting it, if it was softer and more rolly in the bends I think it would topple over with my heavy weight bias on one side. Rode the motorways quite well and kept up with the big boys, a few times I had to check the speedo as it had kept up to 75+ a few times. I miss cruise control though. I wouldn't call it a long distance cruiser, but most of what the wife and I do now is pottering about now madam has use of the Corolla; the longest journey we do is the 80 miles to my folks once a month.

The engine is nice and peppy, very eager to rev; gear ratios are well spaced so car picks up speed like a little puppy dog chasing a ball. Most of the noise on the journey was road noise as opposed to engine and transmission noise, which may be down to the tyres more than anything else; it's running Nangkangs which are ok but very very hard and have a high noise rating.

Car behaved brilliantly, the Mrs loves it (apart from the indicator stalk being on the correct side), strangely so does madam.

I'll review things in a few weeks, see how I get on with it. I find it more comfy than the focus so the the outlay of a few roffle tickets I'm pretty pleased.

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2 minutes ago, Christine said:

Is it unbelievably economical?  That Baleno 1600 I had from vince70  was..Even the tailpipe was shiny on the inside..like it ran on fresh air !

I still had half a tank when I got home.

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12 hours ago, Christine said:

I,m liking the Ignis,  I'm thinking of getting one and selling our Hrv. I'll wait for your report on how long the second half lasts!

If there is a southern meet up at any time soon I'll bring it along if I can make it, you'll be more than welcome to take it for a little spin

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