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38 minutes ago, Ian_Fearn said:

You know what...... I think I’d either leave well alone or stump up for a Panda rear seat retrim.


The Alessi has a Panda split/fold. The seats are alot bigger, but I'll measure at some point,

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Gonna take a gamble, the Panda centre console is sparse and I want to add accessories at some point.

The Panda one is phallic and has no space for rocker switches, should I want to add a light bar... Because I'm a prick.


Managed to snag this from a 2015+ 500, it was under priced and then I sent an offer, so it was even cheaper. It comes with an in-built aux/usb point that I cannot use, but I thought this could be a great place to add switches. When I install my radio that has Carplay, I'm going to run the wire under the dash and out near the bottom right of the gearstick and I need somewhere to put my phone too.

In theory, it bolts in apart from the front end which is bigger. I'd need to Dremel it to buggary and maybe Dremel the Panda console lower part. If it's too far out then I won't do it, but it's worth a shot.








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I've only just got in, I arrived at Leeds train station at 10:37 and had to wait for 20 mins. A guy threw up in the train toilet and fucked off. No cunt checked my train ticket, the m62 was closed and my phone battery died.


On the plus side, a guy in an audi shouted at John to turn his panda off as "It's polluting my air" 😃

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It's a 30 litre tank and last night I put in 28.67 litres. I know fuel pipe etc, but it's still terrible.

I used it yesterday and the amazing seats are slightly annoying, I'm 5ft 10. But with the seat bolsters and the car is a little bit higher, it's a bit of a palaver getting out and the seats were freezing cold last night. 😢

A few electrical gremlins, the previous-previous owner, manually turned the passenger airbag off with the key. The light appeared last night, but a quick engine off and on cleared it. The power steering light came on, but went off after I went to full lock.  The theory is a new battery (which this has had, but can still happen) or a bad earth cable under the battery tray.


Also slightly annoying that the Dynamic spec, doesn't have autolocking doors like an Eleganza, I have no door cards attached. So I cannot lock the doors whilst driving.

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I've had about 9 parcels arrive this week. 😬

I needed bulbs for the heater controls, I only need 2, but they come in 10's. 


Centre console arrived, I robbed it for the price I paid. 


In theory, on Saturday if the weathers nice:

Lob heater bulbs in.

Strip seats and carpet out. 

Install sound deadening, reversing camera, subwoofer, stereo, finally install the door cards.  With the carpet getting removed for the deadening I can run the cables under it all.

I'll test fit the centre console and see how far it's out.

Quick jet wash the car at work.... and then listen to my new bangin stereo.




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After about 7 hours I gave in. 

Halfords fucked me, they didn't have the £1 radio release keys, but they had the £5 ones. 😒


Floor and doors sound deadened. Tomorrow or next week, as I've broken my back in 439 places, wire camera and install sub and radio. 

I am not running the cables under the floor, I'm going to run them under the sill plastics.

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12? Hours over two days, spent inside the car.  Taking the carpet out has destroyed my back.

I wired it all up... And then I tried the reverse camera, 'no video' I turned all the lights on in-case I wired it into the foglight or something, but no. I just unplugged it at the back end and gave up.


Carplay is amazing, the sub I haven't really tried yet as I don't want to annoy neighbours. It's not a massive speaker anyway, but I'll pop out later to test it.


... Next weekend. I'll attempt the console.


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I took it for a run, a few niggles to sort out next weekend, nothing too bad.

Because I replaced the door foamy/weather stripping with the sound deadening. I essentially have a double skinned door. The butyl mats are rock hard.

I think the deadening has worked, the winter tyres make a noise and I think it's quieter.

The stereo sounds good.

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Sunday is my, I am not moving for the next 24 hours day,

Sadly, this is what I did yesterday. The cars getting tinted on Friday, there's still no door cards attached. I need to debadge the stupid 4x4 stickers, I need to pop into town to collect Christmas shite and I need to drop my timesheet off for work. I need to collect my rear door cards that I left in storage by mistake and tackle the wiring, by drilling a hole in the bulkhead.


I am currently still in bed watching shite on youtube.

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