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Fleet Update: Jul ‘21: One Out, Three In...


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That might be a good idea, I’d had that thought but assumed that, if they were strong enough to hold it on securely, they might be so strong that I couldn’t easily get a trim off without bending it...

More Rover key buttons arrived today, so another thing ticked off the list:



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  • 3 weeks later...

The 306 has been playing up this week. I used it for commuting on Monday and it was fine. It then sat until Wednesday morning and wouldn’t start. Turns over fine but then the battery died. 
The battery wasn’t the right spec anyway so we replaced that. Now it’s still turning over happily but still no attempt to run.

So, glow plugs or something fuel related? The glow plug light goes on and off as it usually would, and we’ve checked the relay with a multimeter and it seems to be doing its thing.

The glow plugs are probably due a change in any case, so we’ll start with those I guess...

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If the glow plugs were failing, would it been getting progressively harder to start with time? I.e. surely unlikely all the plugs fail at once. My experience of one or two plugs down is that it'll cough/splutter and sometimes start but if it does then not on all cylinders. 

Does sound like to me something like the stop solenoid disabling the whole engine fuel system. Especially as PSA electrics of around this era aren't the most solid with battery disconnections. 

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Managed to change two glow plugs, lose one of the little nuts that holds the power lead to the plug and drop an 8mm spanner down between the fuel pump and the engine. 

Inexplicably, it then started. Doesn’t seem 100% happy but it was getting dark and rainy so left it at that.

Now, where do I get one of those little nuts?

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  • garycox changed the title to Fleet Update: Feb ‘21: New Arrival

Where did I leave this?

306 is still soldiering on, it’s a good car that. Seems to be making a bit of a drone from the offside front so maybe the other bearing needs doing; nothing much to report though!

The Dolomite had some overheating issues and we swapped out the radiator for a different one from a larger engined version. This seemed to make no difference either way but highlighted that the pipe from the thermostat to the inlet manifold wasn’t getting warm. Changed that and, er, left the car on the drive for a bit. Should probably give it a run and see what happens.

Now, I’ve not particularly taken to the Rover 75; there’s nothing wrong with it as such, I just don’t really get on with the driving position and the overall “feel” of it. Maybe it’s just a bit modern for my liking.

I was looking for a car for a friend and spotted this 406 for sale. 1.9TD Executive, a month’s MOT and some minor issues.

It was being sold by a very nice Polish man who’d had it for a few years, serviced it religiously, and had used it to go all over Europe, including to Poland several times. He was selling to focus on his lovely S-reg Audi A8 4.2.

It has more issues than expected, but I liked it so bought it anyway.


Jobs required

- welding to sills and rear arches (at least)

- replacement driver’s seat belt “receiver” - it works but takes a lot of wiggling to get in or out 

- replacement AC/heater unit in the dashboard; it’s getting power but doing nothing with it.

- something to do with the rear suspension as it sounds like there are drums in the boot

- stereo doesn’t work 

- gear knob is non-original and loose 

- door cards are tatty

- modern font plates need to go

- paint on door handles and vinyl on B pillar bit of the doors 


Still, other than the obvious lower extremities, it looks smart and the seats are lovely, with no wear on even the driver’s one. Much roomier inside than the 75 and the boot is vast in comparison. Performance feels about the same.

So, we have a month of MOT to try sorting the MOT-related stuff, and will put it in next week to see how bad it is. 
Depending on the MOT outcome, we’ll then need to decide which stays out of this or the Rover...

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I always half think I should buy the Simca and then talk myself out of it. I'd like a sheddy '60s smoker but in reality I know it'll just sit in the corner of the shed for a year until I sell it on at a small loss after 85% doing the brakes and 75% getting the carb set up, just like every other shitheap I buy

The 'thing' is something to do with the handbrake I think?

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The 406 went for an MOT this morning. Needs various bits of welding, plus something about the exhaust and a steering rack gaiter.  I’m awaiting a quote, which was to be paid, if reasonable, via the sale of the 75.

This afternoon a Police Officer knocked on the door to tell me about this:



Not sure where I stand with insurance etc... the low value minus the excess wouldn’t leave me much of a payout and I’d presumably lose my NCB and face an increase on all of my other policies... Do I have to claim?

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You don't have to claim. 

They will write it off. Might let you buy it back.

If your NCB is not protected, you might not lose it all, depends on policy conditions. Some will just reduce your NCB.

But you would have to declare it to other insurers, that might / will increase your premiums.

See if Range Rover driver will pay out privately.

Any damage besides wing? 


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Yeah, the wheel has been pushed back but it was getting dark so I’ve not been able to assess any further. Wouldn’t try to move it as is though.

I don’t have the other driver’s contact details, only an incident ref from the Police. 

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  • garycox changed the title to Fleet Update: Jul ‘21: One Out, Three In...

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