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3 months with a free car

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Ah good old free cars. 

I've had (no family members cars included) :

Mondeo mk1 V6 estate

Scorpio cosworth

Granada 2.9v6

Bmw 528i E reg

Land rover disco V8

Renault Kangoo

Various ka/fiesta/escorts

Couple of mk3 astras/cavaliers. 


Only ones used in anger were the V6 Estate, fantastic cars, the 528i and a blue escorts. 

Best car under £150 I ever bought and used for years was a mk4 escort 1.8d.

Drove from Swansea to Southampton on 1/3rd of a tank of diesel. Then drove all the way back and still didn't move below 1/3rd!!!!

It was amazing on fuel. 

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