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1992 Renault Clio mk1 1.4 auto RT - STILL FUCKED, HELP?

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1 hour ago, Fumbler said:

Putting it into reverse would also prove that, however I don't know if that method applies to all autoboxes.

This is also what I was trying to cover. The 3HP22 in the CX does this sometimes when the fluid is warmed up and going from Neutral to Reverse, but not all the time, and almost never when the fluid is cold; it's quite a random type of thing even though the fluid levels are currently within limits.

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On 8/28/2019 at 9:31 AM, barrett said:

The gearbox fault on ours turned out to be an ECU problem, and a replacement ECU solved it, but then it turned out the car was dangerously slow and totally joyless to drive even with all three gears. Then something exploded in the fuel/oil/gearbox oil system and I never even opened the bonnet to check what it was, just called the scrap man. Hateful little cars. A shame, because they're pretty, comfortable and seem to be quite good quality. No rust whatsoever on ours, either. I bet a manual version is a very satisfying way of travelling.

On my recent trip in northern France these were the most numerous of 80's/90's cars I saw. People seem willing to keep these running when a lot of other Renaults with higher numbers have all but disappeared.

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Saw loads of proper old MK1 Clios in Lille, Rome, Madrid...essentially all of Europe really. 

Early seats and engine size badges side by side with the side repeaters are those little details I love on these. 


I do miss the RT I had, but it was the insanely gruff diesel with no PAS. Loved that thing. Not great on motorways but could be chucked around like nobodies business everywhere else. 

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Sidelight are fixed. I discovered the indicator bulb holder was trashed too, though, so new one on order  


Service parts arrived today, air filter was £1 and said to be “OE quality” - it’s actually OE old stock and looks like it’s been kicking around a stock room for a while!


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34 minutes ago, Sausage5000 said:

Clios seemed to get more bloated and hideous for every facelift they got. The 5, Clio mk1 and Clio mk2 pre-facelift are nice lookers.

Like a Polo is now the size of a Golf, it’s how it is. I guess the Twingo is the car for someone that wants something like an old Clio. 

The mk4 Clio is actually quite an impressive package as far as moderns go, I have one for sale at the moment (see the modern section) and was very impressed with how it drove on the 350 mile collection journey. It is huge though, the size of a Megane II. 

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You mentioned changing the plugs - are the leads ok?  It might be one is breaking down somewhere.  I can’t remember if the “energy” engine in these has a distributor cap/rotor arm arrangement so perhaps something minor is past its best.  

I think it’s too old for things like Throttle bodies and lambda sensors but could be wrong!

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Changed the cap and rotor tonight and it still shakes itself to bits at idle / feels like it wants to stall. It has definitely improved the running though, the engine seems to respond better to throttle / start faster etc. 

Running out of ideas now though. 

Theres a rubber seal between the throttle / single point injector unit and the air box that doesn’t look in great health but I can’t find one anywhere

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It starts fine cold or warm but it shakes itself to death on idle regardless. Pulls strongly if you keep the revs up but struggles at idle, stalls if you switch to reverse from drive without keeping the throttle on 

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No idle speed adjustment is there?  Just because she has injection doesn't necessarily mean there's not a screw to set the air bleed past the throttle at idle.

Worth making sure the throttle body is spotlessly clean too.

One thing I have found over the years with a few monopoint cars though is that the earlier systems tended to be *really* sensitive to vacuum leaks.  A microscopically small split in the brake servo line made the Lada idle absolutely awfully.  Never found the leak...but changing the hose resolved it!

Worth going over the engine bay with a microscope to make sure you've not got a leak somewhere.  I'd start from the connection to the MAP sensor and work from there.

MAP issues would also cause issues on light throttle...so worth investigating.

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    • By dozeydustman
      Just about an hour ago I went to start my car up, had Mrs Dustman with me, to go and pick Miss Dustman up from work. Turned over fine but took a while to fire up.
      Steering felt heavy. Thought maybe as it's currently -5 + wind chill it's just cold & the fluid is thick.
      Started reversing out my bay then I was greeted with:
      "DING DONG" - ABS fault.
      "DING DONG" - ESP fault
      "DING DONG" - headlamp auto levelling not working, contact service.
      I shut the car down straight away and we went in Mrs D's Corolla.
      Alternator is less than 2 months old, it's a recon unit from Alternator Man in Portsmouth. Hoping the cold isn't killing the battery and it's taking the 'nator out with it (battery passed the drop test last time the no-charge warning came up). Looks like a session with the multimeter after work tomorrow.....
    • By dozeydustman
      Mrs Dustman has a dash cam she wants me to fit to her '99 frog face Corolla. It came with a hard wire kit as opposed to the usual fag lighter lead, so I might as well make a decent* job of it and hide the wiring completely. Trouble is I can't remember how I got the radio pod out when I fitted the DAB unit she now has. I've also got a few dash illumination bulbs to change so I might as well do it all in one hit while it's a sunny afternoon.
      A bit of googling comes up with the US spec dash which appears to be different from the European model, or the 2002-on model. I seem to remember spudging out the dash vents to access some bolts/rivets.
      Failing that, is there an easier place to get a switched live from (besides the radio) that doesn't involve destroying the car's interior?
    • By 1970mgb
      So, someone posted on another thread a link to an Ebay listing for an LHD '74 Marina listed on Ebay.
      I called a little while ago and talked to the seller, and the story is that it was a good running and driving car 10 years ago, but has been neglected and won't run. I'm debating with myself about whether or not I want to take it on as a project.
      I know these had a terrible reputation when new, but at the same time they're actually legitimately rare in the US. I have seen one in person, and most of the estimates I've seen put the number of survivors at 10-20(although I don't know how much we can trust that).
      There's some definite appeal in the engine familiarity for me with the MGB. I MIGHT have to convert it to a manual though. In addition, there's the issue of having it shipped a couple hundred miles to me. It's listed now for $700...if I could do $500 it might be a make or break for me.
      Any thoughts here on it?
      EDIT: The car as it sits now is an automatic. If I swapped the transmission, it would be to a manual. Sorry for any confusion from my incorrect statement!
    • By blackboilersuit
      After many a long year of occasional contribution on here I've probably got enough old shite on fleet now to do something I should have done yonks ago and start a project thread.
      The story so far.........
      I had an 02 CRV for 6 years and it performed faultlessly as an car taking everything in it's stride. The only issue with it was the 25mpg it returned but as I worked close to home that wasn't an issue. Cue December last year and a new job saw my commute go up from 4 miles a day to 32 miles a day.

      By March I was drowning in green shield stamps so  bought the mighty diesel disAstra from Davehedgehog of this here parish. Shown here on the only off-road parking and only second car parking space I have. The garage contains a few motorbikes so I've always stubbornly stuck to a single car rule so I don't have to move motors to get bikes in and out. More on this detail in a bit.....

      A combination of broken motorcycles needing worked on, a bike trip around the Baltic and work meant that I soon realised that I had no time to prep the disAstra for its MOT  at the start of this month. It wasn't worth enough to pay to have the work done so I decided that the poor old thing would be scrapped in favour of a replacement motor.........
      The mighty Volvo (V70 D5) was purchased from Ma & Pa forddeliveryboy of this parish and migrated north of the border back to it's natural home.

      Three days after being pressed into commuting service the mighty volvo suffered a (badly) sticking caliper and much burning brake smells that had to be stripped and rebuilt before work the next day. Sticking piston at that so the whole thing was off and the brakes had to be bled afterwards. Two and a half hours in the pissing rain was a bit character building especially as the still MOT'd (by 3 days) and taxed (but not insured) astra was sitting on the drive. Decision made, insurance checked and a soon to be taken out Admiral multi-car policy will see me with two cars on the fleet again. I could have used one of the bikes but motorway commuting in the pissing rain on two wheels is no fun. The volvo needs an MOT in december so having the astra back on the road will take the pressure off getting that done if it needs work and the weather is bad.
      And so as the volvo continues to provide daily service, project astra revival starts. Known MOT work needed is frilly arches,  broken number plate and front discs and pads so nothing major. Thus far the arches have been sorted without resort to duct tape.
      After a bit of prodding.......

      And after the angle grinder was let loose surprisingly it was only the return lip that was rotten so the welder was broken out to lash on some roughly cut fresh metal.

      Linished off filled, sanded and primed. Note the use of a farmfoods brochure pulled out the bin being used as masking paper for extra shite points.

      Followed by a near perfect colour matched (*) top coat....

      Well I had black on the shelf and it's good enough to stop the primer soaking up the water so that'll do for now.
      Hoping to get brakes and MOT sorted in the coming week so more to follow soon (hopefully).
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