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The Burd's MK1 Golf Rivage - fun and games of various nature's 22/11/22


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Tonight was a good night with the golf.

@juular came over with Mrs_Juular and we set to work diagnosing the missfire issue.

First order of business was checking the fuel pressure - a small tweak to the cold setting was required, but overall the system was in fine fettle with good pressure - testament to the good work done by @Mk2 Craig



As the pressure was good and @Mk2 Craig and I had checked spark the other week, we came to the conclusion that the problem likely sat with the injectors.

Handily I already had seals on order for the injectors, so we elected to pull them to do a flow test.


As you can see @juular moves with lightening speed.


we put the injectors into 500ml bottles and cranked.


As can be seen, #2 injector was not flowing correctly - both spray pattern and volume were poor. #1 & 3 were ok and #4 was a new injector I had fitted previously.

No bother - time to swap the injector out for a new one..

Bugger. The new one doesn't have the pintle on the bottom end and the top connection is a larger bore and coarser thread..


I've found the right injectors, so will get them ordered up and installed with the new seal kit.

In the meantime I have the #2 injector soaking to see if it can be revitalised..



Thanks again to @Mk2 Craig and @juular for all their help and advice on this cantankerous auld tub!

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  • 3 months later...

This car continues to be a challenge.

I fitted the new injectors. All was well.


Except it wasn't. Because 2 of the pintles on the injectors fell off, landing on the valves. Whilst this did no damage to the valves, it did mean those injectors were not properly seated.


And they leaked.


@Mk2 Craig got the call, and came over with his WiFi camera. After a look, it was decided that the inlet manifold had to come off. Luckily I had ordered a new manifold in anticipation.


Manifold off


The operating table


@Lacquer Peel had lent me a very slim magnetic tool that was bendable - it made short work of extracting the pintles.



We put it back together and it ran well.

Thanks to them both for their help.


Then it was time to do some local driving 



A successful lunch procurement a few days later.

Bit of an alternator belt squeal though...

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  • 320touring changed the title to The Burd's MK1 Golf Rivage - fun and games of various nature's 22/11/22

A few days later, I took the golf to the local station - nice and early in the morning for a full day at the office .

The belt. She squealed.

I thought it was maybe due to the lights being on and it being a short drive, so the alternator was working hard?


Anyway, all was well until the time for the commute home.

I exited the car park and turned right. The belt squeal stopped, and the battery light came on.


This is made even more handy by the fact that the water pump is driven by the same belt..

As you can see, the 1.5 miles back from the station was enough to get the car from stone cold to operating temp.


I ordered 2 new belts the next day -£8.54 for Meyle ones.

Fitment is a doddle.

Locate alternator and loosen adjuster bolt


Apply new belt (950mm one as no power steering)




Marvel at full charging.


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