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It's Wednesday, it's 5AM, it must be a collection thread!

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So I've recently had the next couple of years mapped out for me career wise, and as a result I decided that 2 cars was a bit excessive, time to possibly reduce to one. Good idea Harris.




So why is it 0445, and why has my alarm gone off?






Oh, you dickhead.




Best be off then.


Luckily I live five mins away from Temple Meads so this should be a doddle.




Not going in?




Ah, the bus stop. Okay. Nice and local then. Good thing too, it's raining and for some reason you thought just a hoodie was a good shout.







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Did see the passport in the first pic and wondered? Then dismissed as thought was using for ID?

Are we heading North or South?

Probably going to be a long journey either way? Good Luck.


Tickets saying North! Long old journey back.On an annoying note, men down! Pliers and little ratchet tools taken by airport bods. If I could take a plane with them I think I'd deserve it! Managed to convince them that the wire strippers were all fine though. Wish it'd said on the gov website.


Anyway, breakfast is served.


And I have to quickly get to my gate.


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1 hour ago, chatsharris said:

Where's the bus taking me?


That's it, I've officially gone crackers.

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That looks like Bristol Airport, screen of my most infamous pre flight dump!

You're bought something in Scotland?, ovlov ?

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The interior of the bus looked lovely, the plane is horrible, but then I hate flying.
Good luck chap, if it's anywhere in the Central belt and you suddenly need a pair of snips or pliers, hit me up!
Flying is arse but it saves me so much time and money. Doesn't make for interesting collection thread though. Not far now though.


Hello Glasgow.

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