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Gearbox bellhousing repair - How? - Need urgent advice

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I’ve acquired a replacement gearbox for my W124. It ended up being free but there is a snag.

In a previous life someone cut the bellhousing to enable installation of the gearbox to a non W124 engine - see photo.

I’ve got 48 hours to fashion a repair as I’ve got a slot with my mechanic to fit the gearbox for me on Wednesday.

But how? I’m struggling for ideas.


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...you can make /beat up a simple even crude 'shit plate' - a grandma's nighty  - covers all effort out of tin or whatever that will be mounted via the two bellhousing bolts n cover the hole well; easily done; would take all of 15mins to make; most of that being the big holes in the tin for the bellhousing bolts...

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Yep my Landie still hasn't had its bellhousing inspection cover replaced after I checked the timing about seven years ago. Anything that makes its way into the bell housing will soon learn the error of it's way once you fire the bugger up.

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