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Cheap DS. Yes I'm that stupid.

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21 minutes ago, HMC said:

Brave but also inspirational.

Where in France had it spent most of its time? Must be one of the oldest of the final facelifts surviving?

Previous previous owner was from Granville. Which is by the sea.  In which it looks like it has been parked.

Yes it's an early final facelift, early enough to have the nice dashboard :)


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All you need now is a cape to go with your hero title.


reminds me of the first manta I bought. Sat on a driveway with a tree over it and not run for 10 years. Winch on recovery truck broke. Chucked a battery on it and it fired up and ran long enough to get it on the truck. Epic. 

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1 hour ago, egg said:

You know it makes sense DS?

Well done Monsieur Chod. I assume iffy paper work means you are a a few Carte Gris 'en retard'?

Just the one , hopefully he didn't bother to send in the cessation certificate. Otherwise the present owner will have to register it before he can sell to me.

Present owner messaged me this morning saying he's managed to get onto ANTS (new rego site in France ) and things are happening.

Fingers crossed.

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