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Calendar - August 2020

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Nearly half way through the month and I haven't seen a calendar thread yet. 

There haven't been many suitable pictures recently.  Not that there aren't interesting threads going on, just that things like a Cavalier inside wing or the innards of a Pontiac gearbox aren't really calendar material! 

Anyway, I nominate this from Six Cylinder's Motoring Notes:


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1 minute ago, djoptix said:

Fuck off! You already hijacked my BX thread with your waffling about bloody Invacars. Don't ruin my chance at calendar fame as well!! 😛

haha :)

I think that's probably why no picture of REV has been submitted by anyone else as a calendar shot (that and the fact that I think pictures of TWC was submitted for literally every month of 2018 :)

and also why I was a bit reluctant to submit a picture of REV myself then, but I figured id be cheeky and submit one anyways :mrgreen:

I also quite like this picture I took, but that was in July so I have missed the boat LOL


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