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Peugeot 405 1.6 Saloon - on for Saturday draw!

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Something amazing has come up, so this being the sensible economical family car I'm moving it on.  If it doesn't go quick I'll more the 205 on instead once it's tested, which would make much more sense as I like it a lot.



Running perfectly. 

Pretty economical; guessing very high thirties or low 40s.



Peugeot ride quality

Big boot.

Soft comfortable seats


Needs a new side repeater lens (£15 on eBay)

Could do with new tyres on the front as they're worn Chinese ditchfinders

Bottoms of the doors are scruffy.

Passenger window needs help to go back up.

Located in Durham, delivery available at cost.





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1:  @TheDoctor PAID
2:  @Cavcraft paid
3:  @aldo135 paid
4:  @Tickman PAID
5:  @Tickman PAID
6:  @davehedgehog31 PAID
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19:  @TheDoctor PAID
20:  @bramz7 paid
21:  @davehedgehog31 paid
22: @Cavcraft paid
23:  @davehedgehog31 PAID
24:  @Fabergé Greggs paid
25:  @primeradoner paid
26:  @fatharris paid
27:  @TheDoctor PAID
28:  @Sealtainn paid
29:  @DodgyBastard paid
30:  @aldo135 paid
31:  @Sealtainn for daughter #1 paid
32:  @davehedgehog31 for brotherhedgehog PAID
33:  @pilninggas paid
34:  @davehedgehog paid
35:  @Sealtainn for daughter #1 paid
36:  @dean36014 paid
37:  @Kiltox PAID
38:  @bramz7 paid
39:  @Amishtat paid
40:  @Tickman PAID
41:  @Sealtainn paid
42:  @Alan_Green paid
43:  @Tickman courtesy of @Jim Bell paid
44:  @jmsguzzi PAID
45:  @primeradoner
46:  @davehedgehog31 for brotherhedgehog PAID
47:  @Sealtainn for daughter #1 paid
48:  @davehedgehog GIFT You buy ten, you get one free
49:  @Cavcraft paid
50:  @davehedgehog31 for brotherhedgehog PAID
51:  @davehedgehog31 courtesy of @Jim Bell paid
52:  @primeradoner paid
53:  @Kiltox PAID
54:  @jmsguzzi PAID
55: @Sealtainn paid
56:  @Amishtat paid
57:  @davehedgehog paid
58:  @jmsguzzi PAID
59:  @fatharris courtesy of @Jim Bell paid

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25 minutes ago, loserone said:

Jesus, I've just watched that video back.  Maybe I shouldn't be so brutally honest in shit like this.



It's an honest enough critique for a sub £500, 25 year old shitter. A new pair of front tyres were next on my list had I not found a K11 I really wanted and they would totally transform the way the thing drives. The other wee things aren't that tragic, I've had cars with a fucked leccy window at 4 years old, but the squeak from the rear can be bloody annoying. I don't think it's the exhaust btw because I put a new one on from the cat back and it did it before that was done.

I was quite proud of my genius* repair to the broken driver's mirror, it works, doesn't it? You can even adjust the angle by sliding it left or right. 😛



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Actually, put me down for another 3 randoms for Daughter No1.

She adored the 205 so this will be a fantastically dismal wedding present, I’m sure her groom to be will be impressed*


* if by impressed, the words uttered include “for fucks sake” then we’re golden as he knows about my roffle exploits up to now 

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2 hours ago, carlo said:

Any chance of an interior pic?

Not really, sorry.  It's full of kids and car seats.  I think there might have been some in the for sale thread which is in the appropriate section though!

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      With the month of January nearing its end, the time has come to let go of the Galant. Its been an absolutely brilliant car while I had it, but with my move to Edinburgh approaching quickly, and the lack of space to actually store most of my cars anywhere (I'm sure theres nothing to worry about), this one needs to go. I've written plenty about the car before, if you want an extensive amount of photos you can check my general fleet thread here or check my cross European collection thread from December here.
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      MOT until June
      In general, its in incredibly nice condition. As far as I know, it was granny owned and always garaged, with it not doing many miles at all over the last couple of years. It was then used by a family member since around May of last year, until I bought it in October. Its clear that its been well cared for, without any bodges or stupid modifications to be found at all, excluding the painted wheel trims and radio.
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    • By TheDoctor
      Important numbers.
      £250 straight sale. 
      £4.25 per ticket. 5 for 20 quid. 
      11 months MOT. 
      Located at @loserone's gaff, so North East. 
      Buyer who was going to have it can't insure it on current policy. 
      More pics / info to follow, but get your names down! 

    • By loserone
      1.  @Mr_Bo11ox paid
      2.  @yes oui si PAID
      3.  @jmsguzzi paid
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      50.  @eddyramrod paid
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      52.  @eddyramrod paid
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      54. @davehedgehog31 ticket exchange
      55. @Jim Bell PAID
      56.  @Eddie Honda paid
      57.  @Disco Fever paid
      58.  @Lacquer Peel paid
      59.  @robthedonkey PAID

      Don't think I need any more than those smiles to sell it.
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