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The long and winding collection LIVE.

Jim Bell

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Today our agent in the field is already hurtling toward a car. Or away from it. But he will be turning round and going the right way at some point. Hopefully. I THINK there's two or three cars and at least one bike getting collected during this epic mission. 

But it's hard to keep up. 


In the French corner, weighing in at enough to break a scaffolding board, it's LoserOne!!!!


Try not to giggle when he pulls the grab handle off. 







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My snail sense is tingling. Pan right. Enhance. 

*Clicking noises*



Left section. Enhance. 

*Further clicking noises*




Centre section. Enhance. 

*Clicking noises*





Lower section. Enhance. 


*Frenzied clicking noises*



Oh hai Brian. You dirty fucking replicant. 


*Deckard shoots Brian*


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