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Clekshun Fred

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Trip to the bank earlier this morning, beats taking car to town...



Two middle and both rear seats removed, loading ramp placed inside car...





Sat nav set for Dirty Leeds, plenty of room in the back, for...




Traffic wasn't too bad (bollocks to the roadworks on the M60, or whatever is though) so a couple of hours from arriving at vendors, to getting home again and getting it out of the car...






There's not enough BHP between these to worry anyone (except the Mancunian Moped Molester) but it's not all about power 




The paintwork is pretty toss in (lots of) places but the seller reckons the last owner (in Italy) just painted underseal over lots of it, then rattled can some black on top. Says it's running a 186 kit, really want to get a power pipe for it next 'just because'. 




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22 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:

Yeah, it's a Lifan that was purchased from J. Woking, esq.


Nice one, as someone getting interested in shite electric vehicles would defo be interested in hearing how you're getting on with it.


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JW is the 'go to' man here, but so far very impressed. It's been 'chipped' to do about 35mph, had 37 down hill after a long time. I believe the chip reduces the amount of time between charges, iirc the blurb reckons 40 miles, think this is nearer 25-30? It's even got cruise control ffs, which is actually quite handy on roads where you have some room in front.

Only tried one (over 30mph) A-road so far, which was relatively quiet but you're very conscious of being in people's way, so I rode quite close to the kerb as it's not really cricket holding people up.  Hills (not tried anything remotely big so far) are a bit slow as you'd expect and probably knock the range off a bit. It seems braking helps 'regenerate' it (something like that) so town work is really the best, for myriad reasons. Good sized top box (takes crash hat), battery comes out for home charging (but port on bike too, if you have a garage with electricity) and there's a hidden cut out switch for a little extra security. A few times starting it (which is REALLY weird-you press the button and think nothing has happened as you don't hear an engine, obvs) has been odd, there's either a sequence or it sometimes doesn't 'catch' but it's nothing worrying.

Riding is surreal, most times (3 trips, so far) it's been windy otherwise you'd really not hear anything. Col (JW) says tyre squeal can be heard, but I bet round town will see a few people walking out without hearing it! 

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I really didn't want to sell the Lifan, but just after I collected it in Madrid, my short (and long term) plans changed.

Used it a few times when I was in Spain and it was great on the run in to town and back to the shops. But as I said, plans...

It wasn't too good on a steep hill nearby, dropping down to around 10mph BUT this is a hill all but the most hardy cyclists get off and push their bikes up. I've walked up it too, and had to stop to rest a couple of times.

Mileage between charges will increase after a few more charging cycles apparently. As for starting, switch on the ignition and leave it for 5 to 10 seconds, pull on the front brake and press the starter/cruise control button and "P" will change to "Ready" in  a few seconds, and of you pop (silently of course).

Definately more suited to town centre riding-stop start traffic is where it's at, and regeneration through braking and shutting the throttle, works well in increasing the range. Flat out riding eats power

I have ridden a few Zero motorbikes, and they are stunning. Sadly my 60 mile commute along the motorway to work would have seen a fully charged battery right on its charge limit by then. If I was riding in and around town, the range would be three times that.

I know I didn't do many miles on it in my ownership, I was looking forward to using it more, but life got in the way.

Here's a photo of it with its former garage companion, although I beleive Cavcraft has it sleeping within a scooter sandwich now.



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'Ride it' day today.

Scomadi to a Lambretta specialist to get a measuring jug (2T/petrol) and some decent quality oil. Pulled very well on the motorway, held 70 no danger, and accelerated past slower stuff. Home again, then time to try the Lambretta properly. Started second kick, ticked over for a good while, then conked. restarted it and it was ok, so went for about a 4 mile ride. Great laugh, 1st gear is odd though found it best to put it into neutral and coast to a stop, then get going again from the lights once it's stopped. Little jerky in 2nd if you gun it but hoping it's nothing major. Speedo seems hopeless, pretty much every speed was either about 25 or 35 mph, not manned up enough to see what it'll manage flat out, but there seems enough go in it. No match for the Scomadi though, of course. Home again, another 3 miles or so on the Lifan. Surreal listening to peoples conversations on the street as you whisper on by.

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