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23 hours ago, strangeangel said:

Love the Thames Trader (?) fire engine.

It is actually an earlier Fordson ET6, early to mid 50s It looks as if it has a petrol engine,  I hope that it has the V8 engine and that a fire service wouldn't just go for the cost-cutter option ;)  Very nice and looks pretty complete, but the LR series 3 would be the one for me :)

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3 hours ago, Rustycarlover said:

Where is this place mate , I’m In headcorn 

hi rustycarlover, the collection is on private land in kent, the owner( he must be the last person in the world that doesn't do computers/mobile phones )  has come to the realisation that nothing is going to be done to them now and wants rid, if any of the pics peaks an interest, i can get some prices, then you are more than welcome to haggle.

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