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The Doctor's travels through time - 2004 Perodua Kelisa - shameless plug(s)

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3 minutes ago, TheDoctor said:

Not that it's exactly newsworthy, but I'm taking a break from forums and social media for a bit, for my own sanity. 


Not wanting to send you any more insane than you feel already but i see irony in your declaration on a forum that you are taking a break.

However. I thank you for telling me, because I might have worried. 


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Irony indeed. 

Can't stay away from this place, but I'm definitely not missing Facebook... 

Updates on the pocket rocket:


Back bumper rattles, that will get annoying. 

Wiper squeaks. Already annoying, will fix soon. 


I've had to mangle the rear arches to stop the huge* wheels from rubbing over big bumps. It doesn't look pretty, but is functional. Fronts rub on inner wing on full lock - solution is to not use full lock. 

Tightened up throttle cable, it 'feels' more responsive now. It was as baggy as... well, use your artistic license... 

Other than that, it just does very well as being an car. And this is the third month I've owned it, so I'm doing well.


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