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James Brown: Kiltox’s 1998 Rover 216 Cabriolet!


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Kiltox changed the title to James Brown: Kiltox’s 1998 Rover 216 Cabriolet!
On 6/17/2021 at 6:03 PM, Isaac Hunt said:

I’d go at 600 grade with plenty of wd40 wrapped round said piece of glass, that is how I did mine.  

Checked it with a straight edge and used an elastomer gasket.  

Grind the tip of the stretch bolts so they don’t bottom out.  It is a bit nerve racking when you do them up (using the old stretch bolts) because you don’t know how many times they have been run again.  

Ours has been fine for 50k miles. I used an elastomer gasket, new inlet manifold gasket and a new exhaust manifold gasket, that was it.  A proper £30 quid fix it was 

When I did the Twingo I very carefully cleaned it then shone laser pointers across with a right angle like a scan including diagonally.

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On 6/28/2021 at 9:31 PM, Kiltox said:

Well, that’s that fucked. Snapped one of the fasteners for the water pump in the block. Not removing the rest of the engine. 


Has the bolt snapped of flush or is there a small amount protruding.  I’ve seen a nut puddle welded onto the remaining stud do the trick.  The heat of the welding helps with the stuckedness.   You do need access to a MIG or someone with a MIG

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    • By Kiltox
      You can never have too many project cars, right?
      Good job, then - this turned up this afternoon!

      I absolutely love it. It’s battered and bruised but that’s the whole point of a Panda is it not? Used and abused. 
      More to follow 👀 
    • By Kiltox
      Had this little honey delivered today from the Autoshite legend that is RobT who saved it from the crusher. 

      Has a few issues - biggest of all is rough running / misfire at idle. Top suspect is the inlet manifold gasket which was kindly supplied. 
      Needs a proper service since the previous giffer owner seems to have been ripped off by his local garage - the air filter is black as fuck and the spark plugs fitted are probably not the correct ones. 
      OSF sidelight is inop - broken wire. Upon investigating I found some top class wiring repairs to the lighting harness:

      Yes, twisted together wires covered in masking tape. Lovely. 
      All in all it’s very clean and tidy though - 33k on the clock! 
    • By loserone
      As per title, anyone over this way able to cast their eyes over an unexpected eBay win?
    • By skattrd
      I told myself I don't need any more cars, I've got enough and I'll get some fixed and have loads to choose from.
      Then you end up working too many hours, one cars breaks the week after getting it through an MOT, then another breaks and you're back to one working/legal car. Instead of getting them fixed you end up browsing ebay and bidding on yet another car.
      Today in pictures:

       … good night folks.
    • By Rave
      I should be picking up a car later today- much later though, my train is not due in to the nearest station until 2114. I have something else to do in the meantime and I might post some updates through the day just to amuse myself, it's going to be a long one involving several different modes of transport.
      I'm picking the car up from a fellow shiter but it was not his to start with. I've never seen it, it's over 20 years old, I have a 150 mile drive home after picking it up, and I have a broken arm (hence buying this badermatic car). WCPGW?
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