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Jumpingjehovahs goes to Portugal. Trains, planes and automobiles content.

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I’ve come to the Algarve for a week and am already beside myself with the chod I’ve spotted, so thought instead of clogging up the lazy spotters thread I’d bung them all here.




This 170 was my chariot to the airport. They seem to be getting louder and more rattley with each trip I take. Better than walking though.




This is the very minimal plane portion. The hotel at Stansted had the most incredible airside view. I stayed up at the window for a while and it was fab.




The chod appeared before I’d even got off the plane. This Corsa and Serena were a hell of a welcome.




I was trying to get the bus, sadly the bus I was travelling on was a bit fast. The smart car though was a bonus. I love them!




Bit of a touch with my “S-max or similar”. Having a blast in this so far.






The owners of this were gracious enough to turn it around for my walk back from town. This is my favourite (captured) car so far.




Turbo diesel obvs, photobombed by an old Land Rover.






There’s loads of old British registered stuff floating around







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Nice* to say we’ve found another yellow three wheeler to ruin.


The lacquer peel on that Accent was a work of art. Sadly the owner got back to it before I could get a front shot.


Sunderland, 1997



Plenty of these kicking around, looking pretty alluring if I say so too.


Frustratingly, this was quite alluring too.


This German van, parked outside a surf club, should probably go in the “great number plates” thread.


Rust free!

Not a bad first 24 hours!

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I was at Faro airport last Sunday, I noticed those ancient Mercedes transfer buses that look maybe mid seventies still working. 

I was thinking seventies too, admirable things and working hard too. Sadly every other passenger on the plane must’ve been a shifter as they filled up first!

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This is very much an accidentally “arty” shot as I was trying to avoid getting caught by the driver. Happy with it showing the patina though.


Extremely here for this gorgeous brown shitbox.


Still working, very hard.


Additional plane content; this guy seems to commute in and out of the valley across the way in this, when it took off we all that “that’s a bit low” on his way back in, we sussed him out.

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I’m not sure I can imagine much more suitable transport on the Algarve than a yellow Escort Cabriolet.


But of Golfception here, I know which I’d rather roll around in.




More 90’s shitboxes. The Accent seems pretty popular round here.

Missed a stunning Renault 4 yesterday that looked like it hadn’t been washed since 1983, as I was driving. Hoping for less 90’s chod and more old crocs today.

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Loads of old cars still running in Portugal especially Mk4/5 Fiestas and Mk3 Transits. Fuel is expensive though but the toll motorways eerily empty. 

On the subject of ancient airport equipment, in Lanzerote they are still using the CEPSA 1960’s Mercedes Tanker Refuelling lorries. They have a different attitude to things there in more provincial areas they run equipment for as long as possible, they don’t have the wasteful ‘upgrade’ mentality we have here. Similarly though it’s a testament to the engineering of 60’s Mercedes that with care you could get 50 years out of their products. Try that with an Iveco...

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This was called the happy van, made me very happy!


Was very tempted to take ill just for a ride in a local ambulanshite.


I’ve been trying to pap this Renault 4 for days and then


It turned out the place was littered with them!


Small or far away?


Quality yellow Vento photography

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Some say Portuguese tiles are art, but this K10 belongs in a gallery.





Snapped only for its “I haven’t seen one of those in years” rating.


They love little Hyundai vans out here, this one appears only to happy to oblige a photo.





These last 4 were taken by my brother and dad respectively, particularly proud of my brothers Nova/Adam shot. They’ll all be shiters by the end of the week.

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Today was a pool and BBQ day, so on my way out to the supermarket I was very glad* to be trapped behind non-opening gates. Still, the van was a comfortable place to sit while I waited for the repair man.


Whilst in my prison waiting for Romeo, I noticed this taxi pull up. Interesting to see them integrating the German beige colour with the standard green and black cabs.


Finally! Freedom and shite.


Fiat Strada, anyone?


BBQ meats and the policia. I only really snapped this because I thought this modern shite looked pretty handsome all painted up.


Dream lifestyle vehicle! And yes, that Megané is parked.


A Vectra saloon that sadly, is far too long to be captured by a standard camera. Although, it’s in a great colour.

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Carro sem licença/veiculos sem carta, better known as voiture sans permis, are a popular thing around the Algarve.



This one is ⅓ mind-bending, ⅓ great use of Peugeot lamps and ⅓ teal. My favourite of the bunch.




This Bellier does a very good impression of a Fiat 500 from face on. In the tiny mountain village of Alté I saw 3 of these, so they’re quite popular, I guess? They’re also, inexplicably, €15,000.


I’ve posted this before, but I thought I’d taken more pictures of Aixams. They’re by far the most popular and you’ll easily see a good handful of them a day.



This one isn’t one of my spots, but one I found currently for sale. Much better value at only €1500 and perfect if you’ve always wanted a Rover Metro Chairman that has the face of a Clio and was shrunk in a boil wash.

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