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2002 Laguna II - The Freebie Family Heirloom

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5 minutes ago, Skizzer said:

I’m most disappointed, I hoped you were coming to steal my Audi.

I've already got an Audi. Sold the other one as it was one too many! 

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Oh god...*runs away screaming*


I don't think at the garage we ever came across another marque which had as randomly failure prone electronics as Renaults of this vintage.  I seem to recall wheel bearings made of a substance not unlike cheese being a common issue too.

...Which is a shame as they're not a bad steer and a comfy place to be when they're working.  Just not sure I'd ever consider one - and that's coming from someone with an overcomplicated Citroen...

Okay I lie...I would consider one, especially if it was free...would still rather have a 25 though, especially a phase 1 in Monaco spec...

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I know of one of these cutting about with a broken wishbone. Has been since April. Have fun with those french electrics, I know of a Clio who's dash was drilled into to paint over a warning light that just wouldn't go off

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I've had a Laguna II before, so I know what I'm getting myself in for. Well that Lag was very reliable (angle on here is now the custodian) - partly because the V6 in it was the best engine out of them all.

Here are a few pictures of this fine motor. To think others in my family saw this as a banger and only fit for scrap!

This is why we got my Grandad to stop driving. Parking by touch rather than sight. I'll probably not get these bits painted or fixed up as they're part of the charm and history of the car for me.


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1 hour ago, loserone said:

Definitely doesn't look fit for scrap.


Edward and Charlie would have been very upset.  Pleased to hear Trevor is going to have a new life in the orchard and giving children rides at the annual church fête.

That’s a pretty obscure reference.

I doff my Topham Hatt to you.

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2 hours ago, bigstraight6 said:

I’m such a Luddite, I was genuinely enthralled watching the start up vid of this Renault that can talk. Looks like a very nice car.....

Later Lagunas had the talking computer deleted as an option. Probably because it's sole purpose in life is to moan at you either because you've done something wrong (e.g. door not closed) or something has broken. 

Not the best thing to give reassurance to a customer in your products!

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1.8 unfortunately. Coupled to a 4 speed auto. At least it's a petrol. Apparently it's especially slow when the box falls into limp home and only uses 3rd gear. 

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3 hours ago, SiC said:

1.8 unfortunately. Coupled to a 4 speed auto. At least it's a petrol. Apparently it's especially slow when the box falls into limp home and only uses 3rd gear. 

So... most of the time then?


Also, that seen as fit for scrap? Sheesh, non-shitters scare me sometimes. Don't let them see my 1995 car! They must think it's from the stone ages...

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1 hour ago, sierraman said:

Looks a tidy old beast that does. What’s required for the MOT? 

Hopefully not a lot! It's only done a hundred miles or so since the last MOT. In that time it's been in the garage. Plan is to bung it straight in and see what happens. 

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Unfortunately I won't get a chance to do any of that. Apart from maybe bung a cataclean bottle in. 

Going to be lobbed straight in and see what happens. 

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    • By egg
      Caveat - I have not sealed the deal on this. This could easily go pear-shaped and is utter insanity anyway. However there is a MK12 Invacar for £300 here:


      Could anyone offer transport to me please? This would be to my rented lock-up in Whitstable CT5.

      155 miles.


      Obviously I would be paying you for this. Preference is to keep in house though given the absurdity!
    • By Tickman
      First some background:
      I was brought up with no car interest, a car was transport and nothing more which resulted in a selection of poor cheap cars being the cars of my youth.
      Fast forward many years (just over 9 years ago) and I have a wonderful* Vauxhall Vectra estate to carry us about. Unfortunately it is crap and throws fault codes at us with nothing being there when it is checked (even at Vauxhall)
      As Mrs T is the main pilot of this chariot with the two little miss T's on board, it has to go.
      The hunt is on for the new steed to safely and comfortably carry the family around. I have a company car at the time so big journeys are not an issue.
      ebay is my weapon of choice to find the new family car. It has to be good value cheap for no other reason than I am tight.
      Weeks of research with lots of cars that are too expensive and too far away for easy collection end up in my watch list.
      Finally a possible is spotted in Fife. I go and have a look and find a poor looking but solid car. One previous owner and lots of history.
      The auction was to end on the Saturday at midday, we were going to be out! I decided on how much I was willing to gamble on it and on the Saturday morning I put in my max bid but straight away it went to my max bid, I was winning but it had three hours to go with no room for me to go up! We went out anyway.
      I spent the next three hours kicking myself for not bidding more while we were out as it was the first car I had seen that fitted my criteria. Fate was in charge.
      On returning home I go straight on ebay to find 'Congratulations.............'
      For the grand total of £500 I had just won this fine vehicle!

      It has 5 months MOT and after fitting seat belts in the rear for the girls car seats it is pushed into daily service.
      My gamble and subsequent use results in a perfectly reliable car that actually does what it is supposed to do.
      Even more importantly Mrs T loves it so a win all round.
      All my cars have names (most are earned over a bit of time) and this one is called 'Gwendolen' ( G reg car and from Wales originally. I hate the name but I am not going to argue)
      That sums up part one, more will be along later (probably much later)
    • By PhilA
      Well, here we go again. I bit the bullet and bought me this.


      It's still up at the lot right now, there will be a miniature Collection Thread embedded in this thread when I go fetch it. Hopefully if the weather's good, that'll be this weekend.
      So, what is it?
      As the title suggests, it's a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain.
      It's got a flat-head straight eight hiding in the engine bay, 4.4 litres of it. It's bolted to a 4-speed Hydra-Matic Drive gearbox. No torque converter on this one, just a fluid coupling. 116 horses at a screaming 3700 RPM, 240lb/ft at 2000. It idles at 375 RPM. Redline just shy of 4k.
      Did I mention it's quite big? Sixteen foot eight from end to end and it seats six people in comfort. Every door has a quarter-light, too. Comfort is provided by properly sized tyres and (quite surprisingly for the age of it) double independent wishbone front suspension. Steering is via worm/wheel steering box so is moderately direct and the brakes are hydraulic drums all round. Modern and scientific!
      It's an honest example; looks to have had a "restoration" about 15-20 years back and the rust is coming through the seams and filler. The bottoms of the door skins have gone, the bottom of the A-pillars have gone (the front doors, on a single hinge a piece still open and close with one finger!) And it's got a couple holes and blebs in all the places you would expect.
      Not much electrical works. It needs to be completely rewired because someone has "converted" it to 12V. Thankfully it was originally negative ground so that's a good start. Gauges and such can be driven from a 6V bucking converter.
      Engine has had some work done on it- starts and runs nicely with very little greb coming out of the exhaust. It's got a few gaskets that need replacing and the tappets need some major adjustment, the gearbox engages gears correctly, the steering is okay but has a lot of slack in the center and the brakes work well, dont sink or feel spongy but need adjustment.
      More to come. I'll post up more pictures when I get it home.
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