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Amazing reverse collection thread

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Here’s how this thread is going to work. Attached pic is what I have sold. You don’t have to guess what the vehicle is, you have to guess which two well known Shiters are coming to pick it up, what pile of crap they’re coming in and where the mugs they are coming from. They’re arriving at 2pm on Saturday. Go!

I have hints to drop including detailed personal descriptions and I’m funny so this thread will be funny. 


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8 minutes ago, Wingz123 said:

Six cylinder?


8 minutes ago, cort16 said:

Does it involve the artist formally known as Junkman ?

Doesn’t he already have something old, French and estate shaped?

3 minutes ago, hairnet said:

skizzer and a friend

Kinky thought, but no. 

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5 hours ago, Wingz123 said:


I wish!

Alas, I am resigned to nursing along a needlessly complicated small car that fails to do any task with the charm that Ami has:(


Thanks fuck for my GSA 

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On 6/28/2019 at 1:55 AM, hairnet said:

eddys bought a REAL car :P


You would be giving me a lift if so!  Anyway I not only have one real car but also a Citroen.  Oh and there's also the small matter of not having anything like enough money for an Ami....

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9 hours ago, anonymous user said:

It's Barrett and Gary Cox and they will be arriving in an almost identical Ami, or a 1927 Slowmobile from Barrett's extensive collection.

I mean, they’re the obvious answer aren’t they? Barrett and irresistible obscure French heaps are a thing. Is it them?

5 hours ago, Ghosty said:

It's not Strangeangel is it? He said he and djimbob were off to get something recently.

Interesting. Is it them? Got a personal description to see if it matches mine?

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First actual hint: a personal description. "I dunno, we're just your standard issue white male middle aged shite fanciers"

Well I fit that description, so I'm going to guess that they're both skinny, about 40 years old and balding. Like me.

They might not look like this.

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14 minutes ago, snagglepuss said:
16 minutes ago, RobT said:
I think that describes about half of the AS membership.
Is it Bucketeer plus someone else..?

Bucketeer is at least 60...

I don't think I'm involved. Although after yesterday's unsuccessful collection of a rocket car with Skattrd he has bundles of cash burning a hole in his purse, so maybe he's bought this and hasn't told me to pick him up yet. Also we were admiring BFGs Ami yesterday. It's all starting to fit.

Is it me and Skattrd?


Also Will I may feel 60 but I look 16.

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