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Chodmodestly 2019!!! September 1st Chumley Castle, Cheshire


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Apparently the tearooms card machine isn't working, so if that's your thing and you don't carry cash normally, hit up a cash machine.


Is anyone bringing a means of cooking bacon? Should have brought a stove but they're in the garage 150 miles away..

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After being in excruciating pain for the last few days and unable to walk more than a few steps, I’ve just made an exploratory test run to Asda. Slow and painful (with the occasional explosive expletive, sorry Asda shoppers). By my man calculations that makes me fully fit to attend.


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All set for tomorrow - car washed and fastidiously polished, filled with 95 do do ron ron, tyres pumped, fluids bob on, tools moved from one car to another, extra large tupperware lunch box purchased, cheap camping chair purchased,  Toons selected.  All I've got to do is get up early and drive. WCPGW

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Due to mostly knackered cars, I am borrowing one of old ones to go in.

Problem is some idiot decided to fit a massive exhaust! Which on a run gets wearing... Quickly.

The new owner has decided to keep the cannon fitted so a temp quietening process was applied.


Started it up and sounds ok. Very pleased.

Took it for a run ... First wot .. got loud again

I think the quietening pixies have escaped. 5bb84f5202679fa8fa9d50fb1e6de9a0.jpg

You will hear me coming tomorrow.

Haven't bothered cleaning or washing the car. Will check fluids tomorrow ..probably

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7 hours ago, chaseracer said:

Ah'm OOT.  Some fucker appears to have stabbed me in the kidney again.


this smiley gentleman (how) was visited for 15 mins earlier

all i can say is if id known what grimace getting up to open the front door woulda have been beforehand 

i wouldnt have visited


ps dont go tomorrow - rest up and drink tea

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