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Chodmodestly 2019!!! September 1st Chumley Castle, Cheshire

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On 7/31/2019 at 1:41 PM, JohnK said:

@richbraith we spoke about this the other week but you said due to us going to MITCAR the day before you weren't sure about another trip out? Any thoughts before tickets are ordered for you?

Sorry mate only just seen this, don't think I'll be able to do two days in a row I'm afraid.

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Tickets have been ordered and PMs have been sent to those who expressed an interest. If you originally expressed an interest but can no longer make it, no worries - just let me know. 

If you fancy coming along but haven't yet put your name down then it's not too late, put your name down I will be placing an order for more tickets probably. 

Show details as follows:

We are booked in as the Autoshambles club.  You will need to arrive by 11am and then ask the “friendly” steward where we are.  The first few to arrive normally post on the forum which far flung corner they have shoved us in. The location is Cholmondley castle (SY14 8AH).

Here's hoping for good weather and the commentator to be on fine form!


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37 minutes ago, chaseracer said:

Anyone have a gazebo - large or small?  Useful for shade or shelter, depending!  I have one of those square green ones, which I'll bring with me.

Isn't @strangeangel bringing one along?

Also, who's meeting for breakfast at the Let's Eat Cafe on the A49, about 5 mintes off the M56 as has become tradition over the last year or so?

1. davidfowler2000
2. cms206 Probably
3. rml2345 maybe

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1 hour ago, Iamgroot said:

Bloody hell, just remembered about this, if another ticket order goes in, or two people drop out, could I have two please? @brownnova

One ticket per vehicle, so you bringing two vehicles? Secondary order going in this week, PM me and I’ll send you the details. 

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