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  • Similar Content

    • By Justin Case
      Last night  a friend had his motor caravan stolen from his drive in Walsall at about 9.30 pm. It is a silver Hobby based on a Transit chassis, registration FX 07 JWO. If you see it please contact West Midlands  Police at Walsall.Can you please also circulate this on social media 
      . Thanks 
    • By lesapandre
      This popped up on my Twitter feed. I think its on Facebook (I don't have FB).

    • By Zelandeth
      Cross posting this on behalf of someone on another forum I use regularly as I figure the more eyes open for this the better.  I know the folks over there would do the same if it was one of our motors that had gone missing.

      Quoted text below:

      "Hello all, not sure if this is the right part of the forum to place this but I’m sure the moderator will amend if need be.

      A dear friend of mine has had his 1993 C900 LPT Convertible stolen from NW London in the last week.
      The registration number is K453EYR.
      It’s in a lovely metallic green (Eucalyptus?), colour with super aero alloys and dove grey leather interior.
      The car was not in mint condition but it was attractive and drove with current MOT etc.

      My friend is dealing with the untimely loss of a parent so has asked me to place this post on his behalf.
      Behind the front passenger seat was a baby seat and a selection of work tools in the boot."

      Some images below:


      In the unlikely event that anyone sees or hears anything of the whereabouts of this car please let me (ideally and your local police force) know and I'll make sure that the feedback gets back to the original poster.
    • By Justin Case
      A friend of my wife's has had her Land Rover stolen about midnight last night (she thinks) from her farm near Much Wenlock. I don't have many details other than it is blue and registraton V 875 KAW, but I assume that would be a Defender. Any information please pm me and I can pass it on or contact police  (West Mercia ?)
      Please share if you can and thanks.
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