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Unexpected Collection

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I'm at Shitefest.


JohnK gave me a lift here.


At my place he said he'd buy the S90 when I was done with it.


We get here in richbraiths Proton.


Next day, rich and John go out for lunch in the Proton and come back with two cars.


Second is John's. I like it a lot.


Swap it for the S90, he says?


Deal, I say.




It's vegetarian.


Luton Festival of Transport tomorrow.



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Milling about Luton Festival of Transport for a bit. Bumped into Quicksilver and Slowsilver who'd happened to head over for the first time in years. Decent enough show. Off to the Vauxhall Heritage Collection now.

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Now that is a quality motor. Completely different from the S90, but strangely appealing in its own way. Well swapped.

The Heritage Collection is pretty good; I was there earlier and really enjoyed taking a look around.

May be a bit different now as the day has gone on, but there were some interesting cars in the carpark too, so be sure to take a look around there too.

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I got it off stillOrange but arranged it through the Dark Wob. He needed shot of it more urgently now he's permanently exported himself.

I mentioned it on news 24...

Offered it up for free, it was only on the other side of Manchester to me so I took it. Engine fan is blown up as the relay was waterlogged so it overheats in traffic.


Owes me about £100 so far.

John saw the S90 on my neighbours' drive (they offered me the space) when he and Rich got here. Said it was nice, I said it was ex-stillOrange and he said he'd have it when I was done with it.

JohnK went out to get lunch with richbraith at Shitefest, 4 hours later he comes back with the 305. He'd found a garage full of slowly decomposing chod, went round the back, found the owner washing the 305 and asked if he'd sell it. He agreed and John brought it back. I saw it, said I liked it, Beko started vacuuming it with a borrowed Henry, I dried out the drivers' footwell (pressure washer 'overspray' not a leak I don't think), dusted off the dash, took out the seat covers etc. I grabbed a petrol 305 Haynes that was lying about and slung it in.


KruJoe found it to be Bosch pumped.


Comments were made that it is a very good running XUD, too.


John says, want to swap it for the S90? I accepted, and spent most of the rest of the evening scrubbing it up.


So we are in Wetherspoons in Luton, en route to my house to make the swap.




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I wasn't expecting to have the pleasure of examining this fine conveyance today.  On the bus back from Vauxhall, I spotted it and thought "there's a beige 305 just like the one JohnK bought at Shitefest yesterday". Went for a closer look and realised it was the very same car (should have guessed by the Proton behind it), then bumped into Ghosty a bit later and found out he is now the proud owner.  Both front wings really are works of art and I see from the above it even manages to look scruffy in the dark, which is quite an achievement! It should have been brought into the showground to really lower the tone though.





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The interior scrubbed up well didnt it! When the front footwell dries out, scrub it whilst dry with a stiff brush and vacuum it again and it'll come up nicely, tbh taking the seats out wont be a bad idea, it was properly honking in there!

The outside though? DO NOT WASH! Maybe service it though...

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