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Sir Chocolate Teapot

Running my little fleet in a burocratic nightmare.

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Evening all

I need to write this as they say it is good to talk and helps relieve stress. 

I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, let us see why. 

I will start with the latest addition collection cock up that happened 2 weeks ago. 

I, like many others, spend to much time viewing" subito. It" for local cheap chod knowing full well I can not afford and do not need anything. I spotted an ad. For a Non running 2008 kymco scooter with only 3200kms for 350 euro. Only 11 kms from my house. Deal is done at 280euro, burocracy is dealt with and 185euros paid for admin. 

Sunny Collection day arrives. I am the more sensible side of 50 years old but I forgot, also forgot that I live 600 meters up 6kms of steep hill and a few hairpin bends. 

So I thought I would push it home!! 

It is a 130 kg largish 165cc scooter. 1st 4 kms OK pushing on the flat, arrive at Hill and after less than 50m I, m done. 

But faith in the human race is restored, 2 old blokes in car stop and ask if I need help, 15 mins later they return with a pickup truck, load scooter and me in back and give me a lift home. Me sitting on scooter in the back, all highly illegal. IMG_20190531_112702.thumb.jpg.65a1f98531a12dbc98819e3f8872e7bb.jpg

And then the problems started! 



That is my man bag, very essential in Italy because of all the documents you have to carry around and all the keys I have. 

My wife knew nothing of this purchase, I already have a smaller silver scooter so I thought I could sneak this in the garage and she would never notice if only 1 ever came out. This is the other 1.IMG_20190315_084831.thumb.jpg.df4aa510c8e35b51799ce19713d277b9.jpg

That is my locked front gate to my house in the middle of a forest up the side of a hill. You may or may not know that scooters have lockable underseat storage. 

At some point whilst pushing on that sunny day I put my man bag containing both keys to the scooter, house keys and mobile phone into underseat storage and then sat on it and so locking everything in. 

I discovered this outside my front gate. 

Oh shit. 

I climbed over gate and spent the next few hours gardening. Wife got home from work and I had some explaining to so. 

Once she opened gate, garage and house I was able to dismantle scooter and have a beer. 

To be continued. 


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You live in a lovely spot though? Makes up for a lot? 

Yes funny story. When I buy anything I always also get the owner to show me how to get the bonnet open and to open the fuel filler. Been caught out on both of those - at least one vehicle I have bought had no fuel filler key  - bit of problem at the petrol station miles from home! The other pitfall is central locking - new purchase I always take the key out to avoid one of those situations where the locking fires of its own accord locking keys in car on a petrol station forecourt for example.

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Especially like your idea of hiding an extra scooter from the wife by buying one that looks similar to your first one.  I wonder how far we could all take that analogy...

Extra scooter

extra car

extra wife???


Is it 2 or 4 stroke?  Either way I bet that'll have more poke up the hills.

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Update time

My pre purchase due diligence was not up to scratch. At first viewing I worked out that the kymco fuel pump was dead, new battery needed and then usual good service etc  Quick eBay search produced 50 euros for a pattern pump so I bought the scooter 

On stripping the bike down and removing the fuel tank problems started. Removing the in tank fuel pump revealed a complete mess of rusted pump, holding brackets and ruined fuel level sender. I have never seen in 30 years of mucking about with bikes such a brown rusty mess. Luckily the tank itself is plastic.

A visit to nearest kymco dealer and euro 250 !!!  Later I have a new original pump and sender. Took a week to arrive in dealer .

I fitted it all back together and thank fully it fir d straight away and runs like a dream. The reality of my cheap purchase 

280   scooter

185   admin cost change ownership

250. Fuel pump

50 battery spark plugs oil

65   new mot

Euro 820 on the road plus insurance.

Please do not tell the wife.

I could have bought a running mot'd bike for 700 plus admin fee.

Some views on kymco overall.

The running gear motor and electrics all seem good quality almost to the same level as a Honda.

The body plastics are cheaper and design wise more difficult to strip down and put back together.

The suspension is the problem area, compared to other Japanese scooters I have had/ ridden this kymco is very harsh and a bit shit if I am honest. This is a 2008 scooter, more modern kymcos are much better suspended I believe, here in Italy they are very popular.

As a scooter of 163cc it goes very well, brakes well , cruises at 90kmh all day, tops out at 100 kmh. Goes up steep hills ok.

Does 37 km/ liter approx 100 mpg.

Smooth roads great, bumpy roads harsh.

I quite like it.






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