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The "WTF is that?" thread


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On 10/13/2021 at 10:11 PM, Spiny Norman said:

Doesn't actually say what it is but it's referenced here in Autocar.

Soviet bitsa. They made lots of them, some stylish, a lot complete lash-ups. Same kind of stuff was going on elsewhere in the Eastern bloc - and indeed in immediate post-war Germany and Austria.

The most bonkers one I've heard of was this, made from two 125 motorbikes welded together with a home-made body up top - at some stage in the 60s it even had a facelift to give it quad headlights. Power came from ... both engines. 




5586-PL (5).jpg

5586-PL (4).jpg

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1 minute ago, High Jetter said:

I hesitate to query you on such matters, but I don't think the shape's right and the quattrovelo has 4 wheels, whereas that one appears to have a single front wheel.

Scratch that, I've just looked at the vid, you're probably right. Again. 🤣

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22 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

maybe someone stuck one of those Chinese 2 Stroke engine kits you can get for pedal cycles into it just for giggles? 

like a fancy version of the Autoshite DeathBike LOL

Deathbike, you say?

I built it two years ago and I haven't been brave enough to ride it yet. 


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