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The "WTF is that?" thread

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6 minutes ago, loserone said:

I have, and I've asked to join.


What does the panel think.


a) is the car outside my house something older, rebodied?


b) is this car the same thing?


I think the body is certainly a bit later than the chassis, but I don't think those two are the same cars. Lots of differences on the radiator, wheel hubs, angle of steering column etc... difficult to tell for an idiot like me, but the second one could be a Star?

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2 hours ago, vulgalour said:

DVLA reg check suggests it was a 998cc Austin, so probably Mini based.  Did think it might be something like a Biota or a Stimson right up until I tried to find a picture of one like it.

Does it give a year?  The size and offset of the wheels suggests RWD , so possibly Sprite orA35/40 based. 

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1 hour ago, barrett said:

How can you see a registration number to check ?!? It's just an indistinct blur when I look at it...

Click on the picture, and it takes you to Flikr.  You can get a legible read on the plate then of CRE263K, 1971 I think, cba to go and check.

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I was viewing the full-size pic, but even now you've said the reg I can only just barely see the figures on the plate... I must have worse eyesight than I thought.

Date is 1971 so not an A35/A40, and not a Sprite (all 1275 by that time, right?). I'd guess Mini subframe in a bespoke chassis. I've asked the man who'll know, if anyone does, what it is.

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Lancia Beta Berlina by Swiss coachbuilders Felber in 1976.




Rear was modified too with tail-lights from the Beta coupe and a full glass hatchback rather than a fixed rear window and lift up bootlid.

I like it although direct front view is a bit gawky. (But then who am I to criticise).

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The entire 1970s Felber 'range' was pretty out-there. I'm not keen on the two retro-styled roadsters, but I love the Ferrari because brown Ferraris are ace. How good would the Beta/365 be as a two-car garage for the ultimate ironic '70s cheesefest lifestyle? I even like the Firebird thing turned into a swb town car


Edit to add - the Beta was styled by none other than Michelotti, and was based heavily on his Beta-based Mizar show car of 1974, which is genuinely cool


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NAMI Okhta. The Okhta automobile was built in 1986-87 at the Leningrad Laboratory of Advanced Prototyping of Light Vehicles by NAMI (the Central Automobile Research Institute). This concept car could seat a maximum of seven: the second and third seat rows were removable, while the front could be rotated through 180°. The rear seat folded into a handy table. At that time, the multiplex system — in a Soviet car no less — was pure science fiction. The only example, restored after a crash, is on display in a museum.


More Soviet concept cars here - https://www.rbth.com/multimedia/pictures/2014/03/11/12_conceptual_cars_produced_and_forgotten_in_the_ussr_34977

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