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95 quid Peugeot

Twin axle box trailer

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    • By Peter C
      First my brother in law had a problem with his Volvo:
      Then, earlier this week, someone broke into his house, found keys to his BMW and drove away in this:

      There’s no way of knowing whether the BMW will ever be found.
      BIL now urgently needs a reliable automatic estate car, MoTd and running, for up to £1k and located as close to High Wycombe as possible.
      Does anyone know of a suitable steed?
    • By coalnotdole
      Bit of an SOS here. I've got a couple of item's I've won on eBay in far flung locations and my work shedule has conspired to make collection difficult. I'd hoped to collect them on some upcoming cross country trip but unfortunately my employer has other ideas....
      They have the flexibility to stand up the workforce to work 6 day weeks and have also extended our weekday working hours. They are blaming Brexit and trying to push production volumes as high as they can before the leave date.
      I've got two collections outstanding and was wondering if theres anyone local who could collect on my behalf and either post onwards, or sit on them until I'm able to collect. Happy to cover any expenses. Petrol / Post / Beer Money.
      The Items are industrial lights, 
      The first Item is in Prestatyn - The Seller has said collection from Chester is also a possibility, they are 3 Fluorescent tube lights.
      The second Items is in Lewisham, SE14 6QD, South london. And is a pair of explosion proof lights [ PLAN IN PLACE ]
      If your able to help please pm me.
    • By Tamworthbay
      I have been out of the buying loop for a while due to loss of storage causing a clear out and other parts of,life getting in the way. I have been in the position to get another car for a couple of months and looked at a couple but they just haven’t got the juices flowing. The Capri still needs to be a priority for funding so any purchase needs to be low cost. The problem is that I am not sure any car exists to fit what I want. It needs to be £500 or thereabouts, preferably MoTed but at worst MoTable with limited time and very low cost. Ideally four seater as whilst I love two seaters a lack of time means it will need to do family duties if it’s going to be used. Minimum of electronics. ‘Sporty’ or old (90s or earlier, earlier the better), able to go on classic insurance. Aesthetics are less important. Not a million miles from the midlands. I would love a Cortina or old French chod but can’t them being close to my budget.
      Does such a car even exist? Or should I just really push to get the Capri sorted? (Difficult over winter as it’s all paint prep that needs doing).
    • By Jerzy Woking
      *I have used the search facility, but cannot find anything*
      My shared underground garage here in Spain does not have any electrical sockets anywhere. I'm leaving my motorbike here in June and not coming back until September. I will be disconnecting the battery before I go, but concerned it will still go flat, as it seems TTADTS.
      I won't have a car with me then, so looking at getting one of those small jumpstart packs. Can anyone recommend one that works reliably? Will have to be small as it will have to go in my hand luggage on the flight. Thanks all.
    • By Demio
      Hi fellow humanoids,
      As I mention in the introduction thread, I write about cars for a 'living' (there appears to be a few of us on here too!). I recently came up with an idea for a feature series which might be difficult to actually realise. Asking around for leads did eventually end up with Autoshite winning me for the foreseeable.
      What I'm after, if the title didn't give you enough of a clue, is a working, legal car for a maximum outlay of £99.99. I have been keeping an eye on the "cheapest of the cheap" and "eBay tat" threads, and there's been a few potentials, but nothing completely meeting the criteria yet.
      Speaking of criteria, there are a few rules for me to adhere to here:
      * The car must be currently road legal - that means it needs to have a current, valid MOT and no known faults that may render it unroadworthy
      * Major faults and damage are a no-no - there absolutely will be an element of making the car healthier and more presentable. I have limited skills and, more importantly, budget. Replacing doors and glass is fine, but galloping tinworm and a gouged body shell are too much - as are major powertrain and drivetrain faults (replacing an engine is easy enough, but sourcing one is a ballache and ££££)
      * The car must be a runner - I don't have a trailer and even if I did I don't have a car that can pull one; I must be able to show up with a tiny bundle of beer tokens and drive it away
      * Roffles don't count - it's certainly possible to get a car worth £500 for a £5 ticket, but it's also possible to enter 30 of them and never win; I'm after a car worth every penny of £100, in its current condition. Besides, I'll be writing a feature series based on this, and "I fluked into a car in a game of chance" is not an entirely honest starting position.
      In addition, I've got some "I'd quite like" conditions, but these very much fall under the purview of Beggars vs. Choosers (2004):
      * Interestinger is betterer - I'm writing about this, and I can be interesting about any car, but I need people to read it. No Vauxhall Corsa/Astra/Vectra is interesting nor have they ever been interesting (see also: nearly every Golf ever), so the more left-field the better
      * Shite > shit - This will be a series, as in I'll be doing it more than once. That means that anything I buy I will also sell. I will be endeavouring to fix anything that's broken and gussy up what needs to be gussied up (which will form part of the feature - I may even Barry a car, to make it more saleable to idiots Barries, if it's economically viable to do so, and funny) and then sell it to start again. If it has a list of faults as long as Brexit/notBrexit seems to be taking, the cost of unfucking it will be more than the eventual value, which is distinctly ungood.
      * The closer to me, the better - Let's face it, I'm looking for a car that costs less than an off-peak return train ticket from Sheffield to London. The more I have to travel, the more expensive the car becomes and if I get there and it's an absolute moose with a rotting undercarriage, I'm going to be irritated. I have a privilege in that I can sometimes take brand new cars and it won't cost me a thing, but it's still time wasted. A three-hour drive for me is Glasgow up top and Coventry down south, and that works fine as a radius.
      Thanks to things like scrappage schemes and the value of scrap metal, this whole thing will be somewhat difficult to achieve, and yes I'm after the Moon on a Stick, but I'll consider any leads - even if I close the tab again afterwards, it's a lead.
      Of course there'll come a point when I'm done with it, but if you guys want to turn it into a "cars that are literally less valuable than if they were crushed" thread and continue to post up links to sub-ton but functioning cack, be my guest.
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