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Parents crap cars from the past photo Fred

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

...My dad had a 1600E MK2 Cortina, something like VKJ529H? Was always in the garage awaiting resto so I don't really remember it.


The oul man had one up to 1977, XYV 281H. People were forever trying to nick it off the driveway, but the Krooklok always defeated them, so they resorted to stealing parts like the rev counter, or bending the steering wheel. I still vaguely remember one night when he spotted yet another would-be thief and was a bit too quick to aim his Webley air-rifle (which he still has) in their direction which led to West Hendon Police turning up in a hurry.

Anyway, he got fed up in the end and sold it to a collector. His next car was an ex-Met Police Mk.3 Cortina; that one lasted eight years.

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Without being home (I.e. at my parents) I can only offer these two... 



There’s a Reliant Robin which precedes these as my parents were bikers till I arrived!

What I hope to get my hands on is my grans photos as my grandad was a proper petrolhead! He had loads of cars! And he took photos of them too... must go visit her sometime soon... 

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My Dad's Triumph 2000 and caravan. Dad slid into the rear of a Triumph Herald on a snowy Christmas Day and it took forever for the garage to get the new overriders and badge for the front end.

He went slightly crazy with the ''going on a 1960s foreign holiday accessories'' and I remember the excitement of bolting them all on the day before we would set off.



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9 hours ago, brownnova said:

What I hope to get my hands on is my grans photos as my grandad was a proper petrolhead! He had loads of cars! And he took photos of them too... must go visit her sometime soon... 

I need to find some earlier photo albums too. My great great grandfather was a chauffer in the 1920s so it was probably best that he had a car so our family car history dates back to Morris Oxford Bullnoses and Austin 12s but theres some shite in there too like one of those BSA 3 Wheelers, Ford 103E Populars (of which the rear axel apparently broke) and a 1947 Plymouth from when my family briefly lived in America. By the 70s my great grandparents owned Ford Capri 2000GT (Amber Gold with a matte black bonnet) and a Citroen GS Pallas in brown. 

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dad had some serious shite credentials.

Standard companion, ford Classic 1340 and Victor FC estate I do not have piccies of

FD victor next, sold it when Pez went to 50p / gallon. for those who give a shit from left, me, my bro and my sister


Then a brace of Marinas, I can only find one photo, both were 1.3 saloons in exactly the same colour.

The first


this one was auto. had my first accident in it weeks after passing my test


Then a Cortina Mk4 estate 1.6L


which was sold and replaced by a Company Sierra 2.0 Ghia 


The written off Marina became my mums car and was replaced by an Allegro estate, best pic I can find of it next to my first car


The allegro was sold when mum went for a speke 4 on da floor TR7


Which then sat in the garage when mum bought a new Metro Studio2, I was filling the garage and road with my shite by this time


Mum protested greatly when Metro was sold to buy the Jaaaag. The offer was for her to choose anything she wanted from dad's company car list


she chose a BX GTi Auto, which I thrashed down to Le Mans and back in 1991


Lots of stuff followed, which I have yet to find piccies of, mainly because I had flown the nest by this point

MG Montego

Ford Sierra 2.0s

Ford Granada Mk3 1.8 auto

Saab convertible

Saab 9000

and so forth

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This is the only picture of any of my parents' old cars I have - their first Renault 6, which was sold in early 1982 and replaced by a Harvest Gold Marina estate.

Obvs it's not actually a '77 car - it got an S plate when they imported it into the UK after buying it in Algeria.


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Granpas Escort Diesel. Must have been one the first diesel car in the family.


My Grandfathers Escort by Matt S, on Flickr

Here is it again with a company Vauxhall that my Gran hated


Ford Escort & 1985/6 Vauxhall Cavalier - C.1986 by Matt S, on Flickr


Sadly the only photo I have of my Grans Alfasud is this. She didn't care about cars at all, but she always spoke highly of this one. I suppose that's how it goes with Alfa Romeo.


Alfa Romeo Alfasud - C.1986 by Matt S, on Flickr


Latterly she had a Megane RN. I haven't seen one of these things in donky's. P68 JSM.


My Grandmothers 1996 Renault Megane RN... by Matt S, on Flickr


My Mums first car was this '79 Viva. Outside her old pet shop in Glasgow


1979 Vauxhall Viva (1/2) by Matt S, on Flickr


Later her and my dad saved up and bought this Allegro which went swimmingly.


My Mothers 1980 Austin Allegro - September 1989 by Matt S, on Flickr


On my Dads side, this is the only old photo I've got. Post trip into a field


1997 Ford Escort Encore TD by Matt S, on Flickr


As a bonus I'll chuck in this photo of my Grandpa next to what we think was a friends 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern in about 1958. He wasn't a tall man clearly.


My Grandfather & a 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern - C. 1958 by Matt S, on Flickr

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On 5/30/2019 at 7:35 PM, strangeangel said:

Dad's 3.8 litre Mk. 2 Jaaaag. I think this was his favourite car... either that or the CX anyway.




This is a very cool photo.

Firstly, all the caravans seem to be enormous

Secondly, that S Type looks straight off The Sweeney

And thirdly, you appear to be levitating

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1 minute ago, Sudsprint said:

This is very cool photo.

Firstly, all the caravans appear to be enormous

Secondly, that S Type looks straight off The Sweeney

And thirdly, you appear to be levitating


They're nothing like the modern ones! The last 'van my folks had, a Willerby Leven in 2011, was 35ft x 12ft wide - our old Lynton next to the Jag there is just 28ft and probabaly about 9 foot wide.


Now I think about it, the Jag did have a little 3.8S badge on the back, but I thought those were all Mark 2s... every day's a school day.

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Thoroughly enjoying this thread.

Here's my offering of Father Tartan's cars from my youth, in no particular order. (a notable one missing from here is the white Renault 14 of which I can't find a photo anywhere, probably because it rusted to nothing too quickly).

For bonus points these were almost all taken in the same location...






The orange 2002tii was also the last car my maternal grandfather owned which my dad took over when he gave up driving.

Grandpa's car history is interesting as he had some very fine motors at a time when they were the autoshite luxobarges of their day and folk were giving them away - he would have thoroughly approved of this site. This was sadly before my time the BMW being the only one I remember. The only others I can find photos of are these also staring the great man himself...


There were at least 2 DS's and a "Big 6" Traction Avant plus and a couple of 50s Daimlers as well.

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I can do what my parents owned from the 1980s. This economical Horizon 1.3 LS replaced a fabulous but thirsty Vauxhall Royale 2800 so naturally I disliked it:

7912998464_efd59401e1.jpg1980 Talbot Horizon 1.3 LS by Matt W, on Flickr

In 1988 we become a two car family. My dad bought this:

7912826040_6b515967f3.jpg1983 MG Maestro 1600 ERW 333Y by Matt W, on Flickr

Horizon was sold and replaced with this fun thing in 1990 that dad used:

14627566244_cbd257d42f.jpgSuzuki ST 90 K pick up by Matt W, on Flickr

The Suzuki didn't stay too long unfortunately so it was just down to the MG 1600. However, in 1993 it was replaced by the navy blue Carlton 2200i CD. It wasn't as tidy as the Royale but cheaper to run. I passed my driving test in January 1995 and so I was lucky to drive it several times and I loved it.

7913103126_21b93ee4e5.jpg1986 Vauxhall Carlton 2200i CD by Matt W, on Flickr

The Carlton  was replaced in 1997 by the damaged repaired mark 3 Astra 1.4 (60 bhp) California. This spec didn't have power steering (an important requirement) so it was retro fitted to the car when it was repaired. I was a bit snobby about this Astra like I was about the Horizon as it was a low spec smaller car but it provided great service. Here it is with some awful wheel trims my dad thought would make the car look nicer:

8006127857_dfb9fc00b1.jpg1994 Vauxhall Astra 1.4i (60PS) California by Matt W, on Flickr

Astra was sold for a Renault Megane Scenic 1.6e RT, which was replaced by a Scenic 1.6 16v Sport, replaced by a Focus C-Max 1.6 diesel. I didn't like that one much because it had too much nasty vinyl inside. After my mum passed on it was briefly replaced by a Peugeot 308 1.4 Verve which my dad didn't gel with so then replace with the 2007 Merc A150 Avantgarde which will be his last car.

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11 hours ago, richardthestag said:

Autoshite winner of all time

respect to grandpa


An honour indeed. It's just a shame he passed when I was 12 so never really got to share our love of cars to the full.

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Some brilliant pictures! It was my "surprise" 40th a few weeks ago (my cousin had shouted at me from his van about seeing me there about 2 weeks previous!) and my mum had put up old pictures as is standard for these occasions. This one stopped me in my tracks, featuring the car that got me into all the joy and frustration that old motors bring. We had it '84 to '89 when its auto box failed, my Dad replaced it with a second hand 'box which lasted all of 2 weeks... it was parked up and eventually met its maker at Cowdenbeath on the banger track. I loved it, felt like a rolls Royce after the Imp it replaced! After a mini clubman stopgap it was replaced by an '82 Cortina 1.6L, which didn't feel nearly as special. Will have to dig out photos when I'm next at my Mums!


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On 5/21/2019 at 7:04 PM, strangeangel said:

The Cresta again, and Grandad's Reliant. He only ever got a motorbike licence, so he was one of a class of motorist almost lost to us now - he only ever drove Bond Minicars and Reliants. Bonus caravans too!



My friend who's in his early 60s now is one of the few with bike license only and always had reliant a and occasionally microcars. He hates microcars though and refuses to have another. His current motor is a 82 Y plate Rialto base trim with vinyl seats,no bumper overiders and around 40k on the clock. 

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Sadly there's huge chunks of photographic chod history missing from my parents' collection, so it's pretty much first three cars, couple in the middle, and the last two.

I wasn't around for the first two, and don't remember the third.

First car 1965-1966 Ford Prefect


Second car 1966 - another Prefect, 592JMU (1956)


Third car Morris Oxford 1969 (1958 RRP764)


All goes a bit woolly after then, but I definitely recall an A40 and an Austin 1300 DMK743A



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After that, pretty sure we inherited my grandparents' 1961 Wolseley 15/60 - my favourite car ever, and I really  do want to find the 5214 RO plate for myself but it's still registered to the car to this day (maybe it'll be an OMG barn find) - leafy St Albans council estate 1979:



When that one went round the oval, we had this little lovely - it was an automatic 


I didn't last too long, but after that it all goes hazy

Cortina Mk1  (this may have been between the Austin 1300 and the 15/60)
Cortina Mk2 estate auto (stolen)
Cortina Mk3 estate auto
Triumph 2000 estate auto
Enter the technicolour era, and it seems to have been a progression of Vauxhalls and Peugeots thereafter:

This in October 1999:


And the last car before my Dad became too ill to drive any more:


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3 hours ago, bunglebus said:

Wow, can't remember the last time I saw a MK2 Chav estate, those fog/reverse lights are so bad.

Weird things, look they ought to be at least six inches longer.  Less boot space than the contemporary Astra estate. 

Bonus points for it being a base model, too! 

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