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Parents crap cars from the past photo Fred

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My dads Rover, the first car I remember really liking and the reason to this day  I love Rovers.  This was taken on the day of purchase in 1987 and written off the following year 1988.

I can still remember going in it the day he got it home, the day it was written off and the last drive to the scrappy in Oct 1988

2600 5-speed manual in Atlantis blue.

27764891616_1019c2df98_b.jpgDads Rover 2600  - Circa 1987 by steve wilson, on Flickr

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That Pop  in Strangeangel's post reminds me of my grandad's, OGU792. Didn't even make it past the swap to the V5 from the old logbooks, so probably long gone. Might live on as a hot rod somewhere I suppose. My mum has a few B+W pics of it, don't think any of the Bond it replaced exist though.

My dad had a 1600E MK2 Cortina, something like VKJ529H? Was always in the garage awaiting resto so I don't really remember it.

34869806913_b955a759b6_b.jpgMKCortina by RS, on Flickr

Here's a partial of my dad's 2.0S after someone keyed it all over, rust claimed this at less than 10 years old;

35520817582_e8e4317fa2_b.jpgImage 43_zpsv5o7s928 by RS, on Flickr

The Cortina was replaced by this;

35548608801_ae8e3805a7_b.jpgLikefather by RS, on Flickr

Which was replaced by this, which I still own;

35291871230_380edc75ef_b.jpgP1010003_zpsbf0b9dc3 by RS, on Flickr

My dad now shares various newish Hondas with his wife, so has owned four cars in his life.

My mum's '66 Super Minx. There's a chance this is still out there as a pic of one in the light blue it was resprayed in (after she sold it in '85) appeared in Rust in Peace, somewhere in Essex. Never found out exactly where though.

35886432634_6693faa16f_k.jpg20170821213707_01 by RS, on Flickr

Don't appear to have scanned a pic of SBT546T, the 1500HL Dolomite that replaced the Super Minx.

This replaced the Dolomite;

35795689725_56210a2f5d_k.jpgMum Astra 001 by RS, on Flickr

Which was replaced by this;

35291725250_fc53ee8347_b.jpgPhoto0461_zpsple9jvwj by RS, on Flickr

So my mum has owned 4 cars in her life.

This was my grandad's until he died;

34870163833_92091d400b_b.jpg1stFiesta by RS, on Flickr

Became my 1st car

34869877743_a2f26ef4e9_b.jpgFiesta3 by RS, on Flickr

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Ahh finally a thread appropriate to dump my parents shonky citroenfan history:
My Dad had a habbit of rolling cars.  He came and picked me up from school in the red BX after it was rolled somewhere in Cheshire, and as I opened the door it fell off  in my hand - proper blues brothers style!

You have won this thread

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