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Andy's awful autos: Shitter shuffle


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dickered door.  

Along with the wing, the door was also shagged out, this unlike the wing and quarter panel of this side contains no wob! But upon closer inspection its a new replacement door. So the damage on this side must have messed the door right up. A bollard or something maybe? 

Anyway it doesnt matter as the more recent bang has fubar'd it anyway, so its one knackered door . The shadow from the trim highlights how deep the dent was.


Some thinners got the rubbing marks off, i feel i should have left it there but a mate popped by and we ended up seejng if we could make a scrap door any less ugly.


We bashed, levered and heated the door but the skin was very stretched, the dent goes down at that angle as thats the skin deforming around a tubular support inside the door. 


Im sure a pro could have got it better but im far, far, far,  from a skilled panel beater. So good enough, and some wob was the order of the day, its a bolt on panel that can be replaced in the future should it need be. Id guess at its thickest its maybe 5mm so nowhere nears as bad as the quarter and wing repairs, pin straight also wasnt a priority as the upper part of the door is scratched and has a shallow dent that im not fixing.




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The areas were primed, knocked back, primed again. Then as the paint id ordered was the wrong shade i used this red as a good base colour that i could knock back and then the hopefully correct red can go over the top.


This was left to dry overnight. Tonight i knocked back the red with and smoothed off any shite or sags. Dont worry the headlights bin bound anyway!


The wings better than it was when i started but perfect it wont be. I just decided ive spent enough time on it and any more would be a waste.


The drivers door recieved a couple of coats of what appears to be a close enough red and 3 coats of clear. The rub strip will hide the join. As straight as a house of mirrors but so is the rest of this little red nugget.


Upon pulling some masking tape off the paint came of the sill, underneath pure bare metal, but that needed repainting anyways as i do the quarter panel.


Thats a very deep chip in the sill tho just below the failed paint . . . 

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  • Andyrew changed the title to Andy's awful autos: All filler, no sill eh?

Its bonkers isnt it? 

I feel the sheer depth and volume of filler must have taken more time than it would to have body worked it more with the dent puller.  

The actual finish and straightness of the repairs were good and if they hadnt of been hit again there would be nothing to suggest a bodge that lurks beneath. 

If someone found this on one that was shiney and good looking having paid the forcourt going rate they would be gutted.

One of the reasons i like  buying beaters to tidy up.

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When the little pug was collected the  o.s headlight had a hole in it so a replacement was required. 

To an automotive tight arse like me These are fairly pricey, the cheapest i found was 30 quid as it had one broken mount. It turned up with another bit of damaged and i recieved a 6 quid refund.


As seen in the other post the replacement the headlights have now been polished up.

When the bumper came off the n.s had the same broken mount issue. having used glues in the past to almost zero success on other cars, i just knocked up two little support bracket 


The bumper brackets, were also cracked and busted. Seems they are fairly common and easily avalible at 8 quid each but again i just opted to neaten them up and nut and bolt them in place rather that the shit plastic clips

Replacements probably wouldnt have worked with my headlight brackets anyway.


Nice bolts and washer. No wanky clips.

Also cheap! 


Bumper back on minus large volumes of its clear coat, this will now get a bit of a touch up along with the brackets under the bumper that join it to the undertray being fixed as these too are all busted. 




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  • Andyrew changed the title to Andy's awful autos: Shitter shuffle

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