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Andy's awful autos: Shitter shuffle


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8 minutes ago, Six-cylinder said:

There is only one colour for a T5R, that is cream yellow.

This is indeed correct. Only offered on the original T5-R homologation model, not the much more common 850R. Yellow T5-Rs command a serious premium.

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2 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

This is indeed correct. Only offered on the original T5-R homologation model, not the much more common 850R. 

Mrs6C still has a V70 T5, a plain Jane with no spoiler, squint and Champaign could be Cream Yellow!

Currently out of service due to the engine light on and showing a code for the camshaft sensor.

DSCN1107.jpg broad.jpg

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Another one?

Yep, when @BeEP tagged me in a sale thread for another eco4 jobbie. I decided to jump on it.  My silver steed has provided top service but the gearbox diff woe and some grot at the back had me concerned.  The 30 quid tax Astras dont come up for sale often and when a one comes up for grabs for a good price from a trusted shiter it seemed silly to miss it as a "just incase" should the silver one not be fixable. 

The car drove the 70-80 miles with no concerning issues. The brakes cleared themselves up and it was very laggy so i gradually pushed it a bit harder each time we joined an open road to clear its throat. Its better but some cleaner and a dam good thrashing is required. 

With no service history with the car a general look over and  im getting an older person owner vibe ( suppport english heritage sticker in the rear too)  as the car appears to have been looked after, the paints not bad, some decent brand parts on it,  and everything looks in good fettle underneath.  Had a vauxhall dealer service sticker on the windscreen that looked like 2019, the Interiors clean and in good shape for 125k. 

It is sadly a cat N from a bit of a punt up the arse. This has pushed the panel in and made it a bit cattywampus on the back.  I may improve this if a bumper turns up cheap and i can pull the rear straighter.

Up front everything is fairly straight, both mirrors had issues, ones a grey replacement cover the other colour coded, mirror glasses looking a bit sad. one headlight was cloudy and the other the chrome was failing internally.  There was also a ding that had been popped back roughly on the front wing that would be nicer not there.  


With my day off tuesday i popped to my local scrappy, black seems to be fairly uncommon on these so the chances of one in the yard is slim. But worth a look.  I was sort of in luck as a black car was in, but the bumper and mirror cover were fubar  or missing.  There was however a wing that was looking a bit rough but straighter than mine and 4 body colour door handles on what remained. 

With some basic tools that i had in the mazda and some borrowed at the yard, i handed over the required £20 and loaded up the parts hauler

Mx5 A Gr8 choice 


Some fairly large markings on the wing that i gambled would wet sand and polish out. A clay mit wash removed the easy stuff. Then some 3000 grit and polisher came out. 



Looking good, 


The headlights looked a bit sad, so i dug out the original units from the silver car and chose the best pair, 


Lets strip off


Check paint match in the sun, lucky.


Wazzed back togther and with the rest of the N.S machine polished up its looking pretty jazzy. 



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9 minutes ago, Dan302 said:

I love mk4 Astras, loads better than the mk5s imo

Years ago I never thought i would say this in my life but i do too. Cheap as chips reliable motoring. 

Regarding the following model

I used to drive a mk5 van at my old job and whilst it went like stink it was not an overly comfy car to me, was even worse as a passenger when a workmate at i drove from tring to holland in it.

It never died but was always broken in some fashion.  


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  • 2 weeks later...

Little bit of tinkerin has occured


Brakes felt a bit wooden. Possibly from a build up of shite given it being parked up. So a strip down, clean up , re grease and a deglaze of the discs and pads has made them better. 




New drop links also fitted as one was knocking a bit. 

Fuel filter changed, looks like it was certainly due.


And of course the always ignored, cabin filter. Urgh, Had GM on it so probably the orignal. 


The car was definately down on power when i collected it but A couple of bottles of injector cleaner and some full throttle runs have certainly perked it up now and blown out the clag. 

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