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Tetleysmooth SOS


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Dave (Tetleysmooth) sent me a txt msg earlier asking if I could help ....

Apparently despite many attempts to log in to the updated site since it's introduction and following all the instructions posted by Pillock/Slarti bf he's still not able to log on!

Can admin/mods please help him?

He's suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and would much appreciate it if someone could put an end to his Autoshiteless  woes.

I'm not sure if he can be contacted through the site for obvious reasons so could someone msg me if they have a solution please ....?

Or alternatively I do have Dave's phone No


Many thanks in anticipation


Chris .


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22 minutes ago, BeEP said:

Have you tried sending a PM to a mod?  I imagine they're the only people who can help, and may not have spotted this thread.

Thanks for the reply BeEP ...

Yes,I msgd Slarti yesterday and Dave had already contacted admin as a 'guest' before he contacted me.

Maybe the lack of response is due to Bank holiday busyness ...


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17 minutes ago, Pillock said:

Can you PM me his email address and I'll check it's the same on the system. He should be able to reset his password, or I can do that and you can pass it on to him if he doesn't mind.

Thanks very much Pillock...

I've replied to your PM !

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43 minutes ago, Tetleysmooth said:

I'm back. Now look out.

Did you all miss me?

Glad to see you made it back, eventually. 

I was twitching after a day or two of shite deprivation, sure I couldn't manage a week, I might have to talk to real people. ?

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32 minutes ago, Parky2 said:

I still can’t get in as Parky.....I have sent messages to mods but nobody loves me it seems

Hey Parky2, sorry not had any messages from you but I did see you register this account and sent both Parky and Parky2 a PM to ask if I could help with any login issues.

Drop me a message and I can get it sorted, get your old username active with a working email address and password

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