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      I've only had this about a fortnight, but I didn't really think it through properly - I had a broken MGF, and Mrs L1 was complaining that it was a useless car I can't take the kids out in even when it's fixed, which is a reasonable complaint.
      I put a pretty low bid on on eBay on the basis the description and pictures were utterly shit, and it ended at ten to five on a Sunday morning.  Sadly I've also discovered it's only got lap belts in the back, and I'll need to spend close to £400 getting new child seats in order to use it.  I've therefore increased it's value by getting a V5, putting a few miles on it, reattaching the front bumper and describing it in sentences.   And replacing some garden hose with fuel hose between the filter and the pump. 
      It's last few years seem to have been covering about 3000 miles a year, and I've put nearly 800 on in the last two weeks.  I pretty much know most of it's foibles now.
      An summary then:
      1993 Peugeot 205 CJ Junior.  White.
      1.4 single point injection TU3 engine.  140,000 miles.  CTi seats front and rear, and I suspect a GTi steering wheel (not certain on this.  It feels nice though!)
      206 CC wheels.  Comes with three of the original wheeltrims.
      frigging stupid bodykit, lights and big bore rear silencer.  It comes with the original bumpers, lights,  grille, rear silencer.  Exhaust is welded on, but I'll happily swap all the other bits back for you in advance, I've been meaning to do it anyway.
      Appears not to be rotten, there's a couple of bits at the ends of the sills where the paint has started to blister and I've VACTANned it, but they appear to me to be cosmetic, not worth worrying about.
      Getting damned good fuel economy - I may just be used to 3.0 Subarus, but it's getting further than it has any right to on minimal unleaded.
      A complete hoot to drive.
      Hood is waterproof, even through the kind of rain you only get at the Durham Miner's Gala.  This hasn't been tested on the move, because when you're driving a convertible the roof is down.
      Fancy Sony headunit with bluetooth / CD / FM.  Peeking through the door trims the speakers seem to have been upgraded, but there's none in the back.
      The inside is grim.  The seats are in pretty good nick despite some splits on the seams, but the carpet, back seats etc. are all covered in dog hair.  This may not bother others as much as it bothers someone with a dog allergy  (me).  It doesn't smell because you don't drive it with the roof up, ever.  
      The gearbox appears to have no syncromesh on 2nd, at all.  You can snick it in silently at walking pace, but 3rd to 2nd crunches no matter how much I practice my double declutching.  3rd is a pretty low gear anyway and the engine is remarkably torquey, so it does soon become second nature to drive around this.
      The rood has a SMOLL split in it near the bottom where it appears to have no ill effects whatsoever; it's also badly sunbleached, but could be dyed for a tenner.  The window seals on the passenger side have shrunk too, I suspect I'd be replacing them if it were a keeper for me.  Nonetheless, the inside of the car stays dry.
      The radiator fan switch on the radiator has been bypassed, and replaced by a shit switch on the dashboard, some appalling twisted wires, and a link through the sidelights.  This means that should you want to avoid overheating in traffic / driving like a wanker, you need to flick the switch AND put your sidelights on.  Since I've figured this out the STOP light has remained off - I simply turn it on once the engine warms up a bit.  This is clearly not ideal and should be a priority to address.  I'm told that the TU3s commonly have a dash mounted switch as the rad switches are generally crap, or something.  To be honest, this hasn't put me off putting hundreds of miles on it though.
      The exhaust is loud to the point of being painful.  Don't think it's leaking, just REALLY FUCKING CHAVVY.
      It's in Durham, which is North*
      Could also be collected from either Durham or Newcastle railway stations.  Hell, I'd probably deliver it too.
      *Not in Scotland


      Good for carrying baskets of eggs.

      Bumper now properly attached using RACING TECHNOLOGY white zip ties.  No, the fog lights aren't plugged in.

      MRS L1 APPROVED.  I bought the missing piece of trim, stuck it on and lost it in 2 hours.  The previous owner is now posting me the proper one he found last week.

      L1's patented car photography position.

      Best for toddlers.

      Cheap to fuel.



      No a bad place to be.

      Makes excellent parts transportation vehicle.
    • By djoptix
      Well, here it is, lots of fun has been had in this brilliant car but time and HMRC are on my case, so it has to go. Get ready for summer/ideal project/etc etc etc!!!

      1.8 VVC with 52mm throttle body for extra zooms* MOT until 24/03/2020 - registration is P69 FKN if you want to check up on it Red leather seats Decent hood and rear window Surprisingly dirt cheap to insure - about £160 a year for me limited to 3k miles and that's with no NCB and my 9 points declared... Loads of fun. Stuff that came up on the last MOT, and the action taken, was:
      Horn sound not in accordance with requirements (7.7 ©)
      This was because of my hilarious* klaxon horn. I've got two horns fitted, you can plug in whichever you feel like (or both). Offside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength outer sill (5.3.6 (a) (i))
      Now welded. Electronic power steering warning lamp indicates a system malfunction (2.6 (a))
      The tester says that the light came on on the test drive but I didn't believe him. It's never happened before and hasn't happened since. I cleaned the PAS fuse under the bonnet anyway. Offside Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover excessively damaged or deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (ii))
      Replaced the track rod end. Nearside Front Lower Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i))
      Replaced top and bottom balljoints on nearside. Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds manufacturer's specified limits ( (a)) Exhaust carbon monoxide content at idle exceeds manufacturer's specified limits ( ( )
      Although it did pass on the next test, they note "vehicle struggled with emissions". This is probably because before the test it had been laid up for several months. Since then I've driven 400 miles to Blyton and back, as well as hammering it round all day at up to the redline, so I'm confident the emissions will be in significantly better shape now.  
      I bought this from here about 18 months ago I think. Since then it's been a second car and has been loads of fun, and a brilliant first track car.
      In daily use it's great to have the hood down, it starts first time every time, and is generally no trouble. On the current tyres it is bloody dangerous/loads of fun [delete as appropriate] on wet roundabouts. On track, in the dry on R888s, there are insane amounts of lateral grip and very little understeer/oversteer. The brakes are awesome, even though they are standard, though I did manage to get some fade within about 7-8 laps of really pushing at Blyton, which I guess is due to lack of heat dissipation; though on the day in question, the rear brakes really weren't working as well as they should, so it might just be that I was leaning on the fronts too hard.
      Since I've had it it has had regular maintenance - a couple of oil and filter changes, plugs, etc. The winner can have their choice of wheels, either the VVC 5-spokes or the TF 6-spokes, plus a spare set of standard 6-spokes for track use if they want them (I'm keeping the tyres though). I'll also supply the original 48mm TB. I think I can detect a bit of movement in the offside balljoints so I will change those as well before it goes. It had a new bottom-half-of-downpipe-and-flexi-hose shortly after I got it as well.
      Body wise, despite the welding required for the MOT, it looks pretty solid all round. There is some rust on the battery tray but otherwise it's pretty good; there's a spot on the bottom of the drivers' wing as well, shown in photos, but I have a spare wing to swap onto it so I'll try and do that before sale as well. All panels are straight with no significant dents or scrapes.
      Mechanically it seems sound and everything works. The gearshift will never be as slick as an MX5 because it's cable operated, but it's pretty good. There are various aftermarket bits available to get the shift better, but I honestly haven't found it an issue; when the box is cold it's sometimes just slightly harder than it should be to find third, but once warm, this goes away. The heater is extremely efficient; you won't be cold, even with the top down.
      Engine wise, I haven't had a K series before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have no reason to think everything isn't OK, particularly since I've twice driven it to Blyton from Bristol (400 mile round trip) and done a track day and then driven home again. The coolant did get very hot on the track day last year, but it was an extremely hot day. The exhaust has a slightly "air cooled" note to it which might be a small blow at the manifold, but it's not a cause for concern, just pointing it out because it's there...

      Bad points: 
      Not completely watertight. There is a drip in the driver's footwell and a couple around the hood, over the engine cover. I've never tried to trace or fix them. No carpet - removed by urban_paranoia because they got wet and stank. I've replaced them with rubber mats which I like more anyway, and it gives it a more rough-and-ready feel when you sit in it... which I don't mind... As mentioned above, it can be GR8 4 DRIFTIN in the wet if you're not careful... Could probably do with the tracking doing since I changed the TRE.
        Will add more details as I think of them. Any interest at £10 a ticket?





    • By TheDoctor
      I need to sort my shit out. 
      So one roffle, £7 per ticket. 
      Choice of prizes. 
      Prize 1. 1998/9 Ford Galaxy 
      Prize 2. 1987 Mazda 323. I will get it running right, I hope. 
      Any takers? 

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      58. snagglepuss (c/o NorthernMonkey)
      59. snagglepuss 
    • By JohnK
      1998 Mercedes C200 Elegance
      126k miles, MOT August.
      I picked this up from AndyW201 about a fortnight ago as a daily to replace the Cavalier whilst I take it off the road, I've done about 1000 miles in it, drives absolutely spot on and Andy has definitely undersold it in his description.
      However, due to buying the A8 from sims and another potential purchase I'm in negotiations with on here, I really need to free up some space - my storage is absolutely maxed with stuff and I now have 4 cars at home annoying the neighbours, I need to make some movement.
      Scrubs up fairly well, it has had some odd touch ups around the body but nothing that overly stands out, decent tyres all round, all electric work, has cruise control so is ideal on A roads/Motorways etc.
      £350 or will roffle at £6 a ticket. Delivery possible.

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