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On 16/05/2021 at 22:24, loserone said:

Probably hopelessly the wrong thread.  Does anyone else have chrome on Android crash when trying to reply to a PM in portrait mode?

This still happens every time.

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On 06/10/2020 at 19:32, dozeydustman said:

One thing I have noticed recently is when I receive a notification about a post I have made (quote, reaction etc), when clicking I more than likely end up being sent to another member's post in that thread.

Same when I click the star/circle so I can continue reading where I left off, just end up elsewhere in the thread, either before or after the last one I read.

Any ideas @tobyd?

I’m still having this issue. I’ve cleared caches/cookies, signed out and back in, changed browsers and my notifications still take me to the wrong post(s) irrespective of thread merge or not.

I get the same if I click on my post history and want to view a post I made in the past.

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@dozeydustman could you try...


click here.


follow the three step program (which you might have already done) and see if that works. I *think* sometimes there is a none-of-the-above setting which just lamps you to the top of the thread?

If you click on the page number it'll always take you to the top of that page and i don't think decides to take you to the most recent comment (you've not seen) on that page in a slightly unintuitive system.


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  • 2 weeks later...

@tobyd I have a bit of an odd problem/request if you dont mind!


my PM inbox is almost full, (198 out of 200) but the problem is a good majority of my PM's I wish not to have to delete for one reason or another

now while I would very much like a larger inbox limit then 200 Threads, I can understand that you probably dont want to raise the limit for Server space reasons

(although if you could that would be very much appreciated!)


so I was wondering if it would be possible to have a "download PM's" button so I could just archive my entire PM/Inbox onto my local machine 

and then that way I can nuke a few PM's safe in the knowledge that they are saved on my computer should I need to look back at a past PM for one reason or another

(sadly the email notifications I get when I get a PM dont contain the full response)

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