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Car show anyone ?

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Yeah, sorry I'd love to but it clashes with the local duck race.


Pictures much appreciated. (I assume it's Belford like the picture says, not Bedford like bloody autocorrect says..)

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I set off to meet up with a couple of mates to head down together.


I was piggy in the middle.


My front view




My rear view.




Really nice very low mileage datsun which was absolutely mint,






A brace of capris one a tubby




Nice mill




Not sure I like the placement of the fuel next to the spark, I suppose it's been safe enough to live this long though.




Another friend who were still trying to get to sign up for the Roamers run.



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A twactor.




One of the handful of bikes hmm I can smell the two stroke from here.








Excellent choice of towcar








By now I was seek of taking pics so here's a group shot.




And the mini club contingent had the whole bottom next to the winebago



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Never even heard of this before.




A what.




Some modern rocket ship.




And a bling bling legacy.




A row of scoobarus




And my favourite two till last.

This one was running a transit di engine and he uses it daily.




This one is my favourite by far






Both these pickups had airide and where down in the weeds.

I really really do want a yank pickup so after my garage is done I might just see if I can find one.

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Sure I've seen that Model T at the Bellingham Herritage Centre show. Think the 305 van is the star of the show to be honest.

You could well have done as he's from Wooler and does loads of shows. He has a very large collection of old vehicles which I remember from growing up in Wooler he was always out and about in old stuff and still is.


I agree on the 305 wink wink.

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Think that's the first Bitter I've seen in the metal as well, you could see its Opel origins in the interior.


Was a last minute decision to come down this morning. Have had the kids off school the last fortnight and it's been manic, so a wee day to myself driving the mini in the sunshine and looking at old cars has been great!



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That rover got second place trophy too.

It was well clean I must say.


Did the old guy start the tvr for you by eck did it sound good.



The 305 was the tatiest motor there and I saw loads of people taking it's picture and had two people wanting to buy it, was a good show.

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This was my favourite of the show, love these Mk1 2000s anyway and this was in great shape. Contradiction my earlier Wolseley post I know, as this had clearly had a few quid spent on it, but just look at it! I didn't see the pick ups, but agree the transit powered one is brilliant.




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That Bluebird looks great. I've seen it come up for sale a couple of times in the last 2-3 years - not cheap but it appears to be in fantastic condition. Good to see more photos of it.


I rather like that Viva GLS too.

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