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Rave's Charade - 13/8/19 MOT pass and fuel consumption query

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1 hour ago, barefoot said:

According to this https://www.carfolio.com/specifications/models/car/?car=111023 despite being relatively tall, the Charade has a co-efficient of drag of just 0.31, in comparison my 944S is 0.35.

Sadly being tall has nothing to do with the drag co-efficient, as the calculation excludes the frontal area of the vehicle! A Caterham 7 probably has twice the coefficient of drag of an average saloon, but it also has half the frontal area, so a kit car will tend to end up with a similar top speed to the donor vehicle you yanked the engine and box out of, all else being equal.

To be fair the narrowness of the Charade probably makes up for its slightly extended height, I doubt its frontal area is any bigger than a Fiesta or similar because it's probably 8" narrower.

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