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Time to spring clean the wallet again. Parts gathering and engine now in and sort of running.

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Nice healthy breakfast this am.




















Which vehicle should I go.


We enter England via a back door.




A quick blast down to Berwick ch for the first pit stop of the day.




Met up with a mate for round two of my journey.

Fuk you convertible, I do believe a bald man doesn't quite look right in a roofless motor so I've pretty much steered clear of them.




A quick brew the noo then we're off again further into Englandia for a raid




Were accompanied by Kermit too.



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We arrive to be greated by a wee corker.

After much proding and poking which involved chatting to the lass and her fither I took her for a wee hurl.




The car drives really rather well and is in pretty good nick so a deal was struck some paper was exchanged and were off back to base.


Here we have a rather fine steed.

It's Japanese or rather Indian oh who cares it was well cheep anyway.


From the front it's rather cute




And from the back well eh you decide.



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After dumping the car back at the campsite I met the wife for a taxi ride in this.




Next to some famous bridges.




And some rubble.




An old maternity hospital




Some jet skis.




Another very famous old bridge.




Then back down to Berwick in time for tea.




After a nice relaxing boat trip a nice meal to finish the day off.




Then back in the wee lawnmower engined ride for the final trip back home.

Scotland reached.




Now since this lovely wee revvy motor is a right peach I'm thinking it will do the youngest daughter as her first car.

As it was not much more than the price someone o here is trying to buy a car for I think it is an all round bargain purchase.


Oh a cracking crane on its side.



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Ooooooo a modern Alto.


Looks really clean man. How does it go?

It's a real peach of a car,

The three cylinder engine sounds really sweet and revs freely without any form off hesitation, It sits happily at 60 or 70 or 80 in fact it's an ace wee car to drive,

The thing is supposed to do 60 odd to the gallon and is only £20 to tax for the whole darn year, it's also a very low insurance group so should suit the daughter perfectly as a first car,

Its a bit plasticey and the passenger window is inop but hell what do you expect for much cheapness, It even came with 3/4s Of a tank but that's probably only half a Gallon as I bet the tanks tiny.

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It's that time again.






I had 2 bowls of cinnamon chips (Aldi) this morning. They are very nice. As are most high sugar content cereals.


I actually have a few plates that are the same design as your bowl, donated when I moved out 15 years ago. :D


I'm interested to hear how you get on with the Suzuki. I'm considering replacing my Almera with a city car type thing like this. :-D

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Soz about radio silence peeps.


After collecting the rig from a mate and kicking tyres and checking lights I was on my merry way up the A1.




At the meeting with Mr peel I noticed the light socket had fell out so he directed me to a local halfords where a 13 pin adapter was sourced this didn't fit so an executive decision was made to chop it of and wire up a normal 7 pin socket, after a few trips in and out the store we where on our way.

Many miles later we hunted down our pray which we found lying sleeping in a back yardish environment.




After struggling to awake the old dinausaur we finally had it hearded onto the trailer for the return journey.




Off we set eating the miles until the darn dash started beeping away telling me a door was ajar, a quick pit stop and some door slamming and away we go again,

Mile after mile was covered and some frantic flashing from a truck we passed and another pitstop was made to find a strap had come loose and was dragging along the road.

That should be tight enough




And after much more driving and beeping dashboard door warnings the drop off point for me peel had arrived, this time I sprayed some oily stuff on the doors pins and luckily enough I got all the way home with no annoying beeps.


This morning I wake up and while making my morning coffee look At This lovely view out my kitchen window.




Apart from the many unscheduled pitstops the van managed a not bad consumption over the journey.





Thanks to Mr peel for generously donating this engine for my van.





It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope the Clio got a big fat pass.

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