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Time to spring clean the wallet again. Parts gathering and engine now in and sort of running.

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I'm trying to work out what it'll be.

Or even where!  There's no guarantee that Sheffield is the destination, for all we know it could be that there London, or Swansea!  Ah, wait a moment... what about Chester?  Has Billy got anything on offer at the moment?

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After a light lunch we went and picked up the dusty van and I followed Jon back to base.





Then after more blethering I was off to the garage to relieve the fuel light of its duties.




On the way home many many miles passed and then I saw a nice airport runway so popped in for a drag race.


Wow 80




Double wow




You can do it.




Then I ran out of runway so thought I best skiddadle up the road.


Home for 8pm nice one.






It was really nice to meet you Jon and your mate and thanks again for the lunch especially the cake. Yummy

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This week has been hectic as normal,

I saw this at the weekend and pestered it's owner to sell me it, why I do not know really, hell I don't even know what it is but it's pretty cool anyway.


20190407_161506.jpg 20190407_161502.jpg


I have also had to make some space for the next toy incoming so this has went out on permanent loan so to speak, at least I won't have to mot it now anyway.




During delivery of above motor I drooled over this wall art, shame the owner needs it as it's all still conected in working order.





And today I couldn't be fashed to work ower hard as mind is firmly on the upcoming collection so lit a bonfire for a laugh and to keep warm.



Those Bill isolators are full of asbestos, H&S hat off.

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Well in a strange turn of events this old crock wasn't the only blue motor I bought this fine day,

On the way home my phone pinged through with some pics of this lovely motor which was described as cool ďuring the call i recieved on my train journey down,

I offered what i thought was a fair price which i was told hed think about it and get back to me so here we are tecnically the second Saturday purchase,

Even though my offer was only accepted today.




Now to organise another collection

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I've many happy memories pottering around the fields with a topper on the Nuffield version of this (384?). My scariest moment was going up a steep hill with a big fertiliser spreader on the back. The front wheels started to lift of the ground and it started to drift to the left. It snapped round in a full 180 and I trundled back down the hill with my heart in my mouth. Made sure to spread a little more before attempting the hill again.


Well bought!

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