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Time to spring clean the wallet again. Parts gathering and engine now in and sort of running.

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This week has been hectic as normal,

I saw this at the weekend and pestered it's owner to sell me it, why I do not know really, hell I don't even know what it is but it's pretty cool anyway.




I have also had to make some space for the next toy incoming so this has went out on permanent loan so to speak, at least I won't have to mot it now anyway.




During delivery of above motor I drooled over this wall art, shame the owner needs it as it's all still conected in working order.





And today I couldn't be fashed to work ower hard as mind is firmly on the upcoming collection so lit a bonfire for a laugh and to keep warm.



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Decided to check the safe.




Inside is the cash box.




And bingo some paper.




It fits in the wallet bonus.




we have some of these funny little cards so collection is a go, hidden for the top secret nature of this one.




I will try my first ever live collection so let's see how that works out.

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How many cars are you buying with all that wedge?


...maybe that 5% of that wallet wedge is for the actual car, n the rest is for 'bail money' if the drive home 'doesn't go as planned'...piss poor planning leads to pisspoor performance predisposing a person to police assisted passage in a plylined, paddy wagon, perpetually'  ... 



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Turn phone landscape when taking pictures then you don’t wonder why pictures have fallen over............. are you there there yet.?


Landscape as in sideways ?

If so I've taken pics both ways and some are still arse for tit

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