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30-odd years off road - Triumph Toledo, now in its new home

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Ok, alternator and brackets/mounts off, carb off, manifolds off, water pump off, exhaust disconnected, rocker shaft off, cylinder head off.  Dizzy and petrol pump are next. As you can imagine, all of the hoses were comically fooked, they were on  the replace list anywayafter all of this time. Stainless hose clamps will be used. Stainless fasteners will be used where appropriate and safe.

Head parted company with the block easily enough after a few blows with the rubber mallet.

Cylinder number 4 had water in it, the rest were dry as a bone.  The engine will be a big paperweight anyway so it didn't do any harm to have a peek. 

The engine, gearbox and subframe combo will be here in a few weeks, so I will crack on with doing a little bit more dismantling and then start tackling the surface rust underneath and so on.  It will be an ideal opportunity to tidy and paint the engine bay I guess.

I will need a hand to get the poor knackered OHV lump out though, not sure which way is best, out through the top or seeing as it is all going to get replaced, just let it drop out the bottom.


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Thanks for that!!


I still need to work out if I will lift the engine out via the top or drop everything through the bottom, I need to look at what needs to be undone from the subframe other than the 4 mounting bolts to enable it to be dropped out. The engine is two mounts and a gearbox lol.  

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