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Non shonky Saab and others - 9-3 departure countdown

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It really wasn't worth saving. Aside from the oil leaks which made the Exxon Valdez look oil tight, the PO had used semi synth oil for years and EVERYTHING inside the engine was covered in tar. The front and rear suspension creaked like a good 'un the the whole PCV system was completely clogged.

Did i also mention the oil leak!

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8 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

Ah, double digits...positively frugal!


Challenge accepted. 

I'll take it out for a spin at the weekend with aircon on max, all windows down and sport mode on. Bet I can beat your figure :)

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Another sporadic update from wurzel land.

As I'm now on furlough until my employer decides otherwise which will then result in redundancy, the company Passat was returned at the end of March and the ex @stephen01 Clio has been pressed in daily service. 

It has been performing admirably coping with the 1/2 mile drive to Lidl twice weekly. However, it had not been performing so admirably on the aircon front. It was not even letting the compressor clutch engage.

Dropped it off to the local Tyre City (kwik fit in a different frock) and went for a walk with toddlerSteve79 round the park.

£59.95 later has resulted in cooler air but not freezing. When the aircon engages it makes a whooshing noise which on other older cars i've had has lasted only for around 5 seconds. On this one its a good 15-20 seconds before it quietens down. 

Am i right in thinking that the aircon dryer is duff?

Have a picture of said clio with another familar ford bought by my mate @rwdfrom from here delivered by @Lord Sterling


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Following up on my post on News24 regarding a pending vehicular purchase, a collecshun fred took place yesterday. 

As i'm on furlough i should have enough time to start looking at what the E28 needs for its upcoming MOT following a long garage hibernation. However, my roving vehicular eye is never far away from ebay, faceache and scumtree for potential victims. As everyone one knows, you really should follow the rule that if something seems too cheap, then its for a very good reason. Not the one to take that on board, MrsSteve79 & miniSteve79 and Steve79 embarked on an "epic" 10 minute journey to view this


The owner is seriously unwell with cancer and is now housebound and unable to drive so dealt with the purchase sensitively through an open window. He's a serial horder with a few "desirable" vehicles which i may have an opportunity to purchase moving forward. Monies were parted with and not wanting to prolong my visit , i bid him good day and drove to a "pre arranged mot" aka home as fast as i could for a multitude of reasons :)

So what does £90 buy you nowadays?






Its a 2001 Peugeot 206 1.4 LX with around 100k miles on it and has been parked unused since mid 2017 with a window slightly open! I say around 100k and miles but the bulb has blown on the "mileometer" so can say for sure until replaced. More on this later.

So not looking to bad right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER - For those of a weak constitutionlook away now!











Damn, ok do i brave opening the glovebox?


Yep, should have left that Pandora's box firmly closed 🤢

Passenger seat out


After three thorough scrubbings with pink stuff, dettol, three buckets of hot soapy water (water was completely black each time) and dettol and vacuuming the interior twice, its slightly better inside. Or at least i can now sit in it without my throat and eyes stinging!



Its a weird spec and its only supposed to be an LX but it seems to be GLX level with full climate control and posher seats. On top of that, i don't think it was originally a UK car


Anyone spot whats wrong here!

I'm unsure whether its had a cluster change or its original. The owner was too unwell to quiz in detail so i dealt with his wife. Also i've got no v5 as it was disposed of in a clearout, so £25 has been sent to DVLA register in my name. 

Things that defintely need sorting (not in order)

Door latches and hinges greasing - very stiff to open and make worrying cracking noises. 

Possible new Cat - Stinks of eggs so probably has collapsed

Damn good service - Full coolant flush and change, all filters, plugs, new aircon dryer, recharge and aircon bomb,

Central locking works but not on the key (key does blink red) - need to resync.

Reinstall battery box - i'll post a pic later of what is currently securing the battery in place - its ridiculous!

MOT - Probably cost a fortune

Replace various blown bulbs

Replace dash cluster for MPH one - Apparently no programming involved

Tyres bordering - may need replacing.

Brakes - VERY VERY spongy. New fluid, discs and pads should sort.

I'll be getting the drivers seat out later today and then vacuum the whole lot again. I'll also be cracking the vax rapide out to thoroughly wash all of the headlining, seats and carpets and then redo all of the interior.

Some may say why go to all of this effort before its MOT'D? My answer is if i don't want to be subjected to sitting inside it as it was, why should my mate who is doing the MOT!

Plus, its more likely to pass

More updates later today.





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After passing my test I inherited the current Mrs Dabooka's 206 and enjoyed it for may years. It was a '52 plate phase 1 'Look' with aircon and the same 1.4 engine. I loved it.  Cracked manifold, rotten back box and the usual Comm2000 was all that ever needed doing.  In many ways we should have kept it....

Yours does seem a strange mix of spec and yes the clock suggests something too but I cannot recall the markings on mine.  Defo nicer seats.  I know a lot of parts were switched around, including one kid who added climate control in place of the manual controls, so maybe that's what happened here. The blue interior in the red car seems a strange combination (or is that just me)?

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Seems like blue interior is correct


There's definitely a blow on the exhaust on mine which I'm just about to check out so could be a cracked manifold.

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Day two of cleaning the diseased Peugeot 206.

Despite the seat runners being chocked with crap, the torx bolts came out without a fight. 

We're left  with this



Crusty seat runners were attacked with wire wool


Seat cleaning time with weapon and fluid of choice




NSF Before


NSF During


NSF After


OSF Before


OSF After


Centre console before


Centre Console After



Seats back in





So what does 20 years of ass seat and carpet water extraction look like




Every surface was then thoroughly coated with Febreeze. Other jobs ticked off today was to fill the completely empty coolant tank and run up to temp which yielded no untoward results and to resync the central locking which wasn't working off of the plipper which was successful.

In my excitment i completely forgot to clean the glovebox which didn't look any better today than yesterday! Job for tomorrow.

WD40 has cured the stiffness and cracking noises from the door hinges

The blowing noise from the exhaust appears to emanating from the manifold area. I'll whip the heatshield off tomorrow to get a better look at whats going on.

All in all, i spent 5 straight hours today on this and am fairly pleased at the progress so far. 



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In fairness, it's nowhere near as bad as i had anticipated. Parts to fix are on order from autodoc and CP4L. 

Battery is held in with whatever i had to hand in the boot when i picked up the car. Negative clamp is a bit big for the battery so i modified it. You'll have to look closely though!



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48 minutes ago, loserone said:

What is the scart lead for?

Bloke who bought it from had taken the battery box out of it as he had a larger battery in which he then wanted to keep. There happened to be a scart lead left in the boot so i thought why not use it to secure the battery in place until I get home.

Forgot to put said battery box back in before mot though!

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18 hours ago, Steve79 said:

That's was my thinking, it would also explain  the odd spec of auto wipers and climate control on a LX spec car.

Irish cars didn't get kph speedo's till 2004/2005. I'd bet on this being a Singaporean import or similar.

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8 hours ago, balford said:

Irish cars didn't get kph speedo's till 2004/2005. I'd bet on this being a Singaporean import or similar.

Hmmm, i'm going to go with my other theory that the dash cluster has been changed at some point in its life.

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In order to try and keep the momentum going with this one, CP4L order was placed yesterday evening for the MOT essentials plus a service kit. I'm willing to play cambelt roulette on this one as it looks ok and isn't cracked or split (guaranteed to brake 5 miles after the MOT!) I was going to order through Autodoc originally but by the time postage was added onto the order, it was only a tenner cheaper than CP4L and i wasn't confident i'd get the order in a timely fashion.

I took the opportunity to connect Delphi up to see what fault codes are showing

Aside from a few historical codes relating to battery and ignition, the main one showing was for the post cat lambda sensor showing as closed loop

Lets have a look

Pre cat sensor


Yep thats fine

Post cat sensor


Yep, fucking fucked mate!

When i ran the diagnostic on the climate control an error for the outside temperature flagged up. No fault code, just stating that the fault was present.



Well its definitely not -30c outside, so lets have a look at the temp sensor located under the passenger door mirror.


Hmmm, red circle shows where it should be but there's just a gaping hole in its place. So took the mirror glass and assembly off of the door and had a closer look


There are two brown wires which connect to the back of the mirror glass for the heater element and blue, green and red wires which are for the adjust mechanism. There is definitely no cable in there for the sensor. The connector only shows five pin outs on the plug from the mirror.

The loom connector from the door definitely has nine pins. 



So i sumise that the mirror has almost definitely been changed during its life (mirror is OEM with a Peugeot badge on it). Will be trawling ebay and gumtree later for a suitable unit from a climate car.

Tomorrow jobs are to fish the post cat sensor out as its mired in crap to clean the connector off and see if that makes any difference, otherwise it'll be a new one. Other jobs are to tackle the glovebox from hell and get some new wiper blades.

As soon as the parts arrive from CP4L i'll be taking it over to my mate @rwd so the lower arm, brakes, ARB link and exhaust can be fitted. 


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13 hours ago, balford said:

Irish cars didn't get kph speedo's till 2004/2005. I'd bet on this being a Singaporean import or similar.

Interesting to see that the vehicle speed has been set to km/h so either it was originally a km/h car or it was changed later in its life


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Forgot to mention that the ex @stephen01had its aircon regassed last week at Tyre City which made absolutely no difference to the warm air coming from the vents.

The compressor kicks in but all you get is a constant hissing noise from behind the dash. I took it back there this afternoon and had it checked. It's not lost any gas but still isn't working. Full credit though, they gave me a full refund even though it's not strictly their fault. Will arrange to get it sorted at a proper aircon place locally

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Small update - I finally managed to get the 206 taxed which has been a real ballache. I didn't get the v5c when i bought it (never buying a car without one again!) and post office couldn't tax it on the v62 as dvla kept chucking the application out.

You can't contact dvla on webchat or phone currently as the system kicks you straight out after announcing that they're only dealing with parties "directly involved with tacking COVID-19" 🤬

Undeterred, i discovered that if you call the number to tax your vehicle by phone and enter the v5c number as twelve zeros, you get put through to a real live person.

After explaining my predicament, the kind dvla lady let me tax it for 6mths. I just need to send the v5c off now which dvla lady says don't count on seeing turning up for about 8weeks at the moment 🙄

I took it out for an extended drive the other day just to keep the battery topped up and noticed that at an indicated 60 km/h on the speedo it was keeping level with other cars. I chucked the TomTom camera app on my phone to check the speed and it was 60mph bang on.

It looks like the km/h speedo has been reprogrammed at some point in its life to show the correct mph speed. It just adds to the mystery. So i did an HPI check on it,


Well it's definitely not a van or a diesel and it's not listed as imported or exported. DVLA woman told me it's DEFINITELY listed as a petrol and hasn't been imported or exported. As Derek from Vice Grip Garage says "I JUST DON'T KNOW!"

As I'm still sorting servicing and some suspension bits out for shonky 206, the 9-5 HOT has been pressed into daily service. This has highlighted issues that need to be address sooner rather than later.

1. The O/S engine mount is fucking fucked mate! When putting the car in drive there is about a two second delay before it engages and it bangs into gear resulting in excessive engine movement. This isn't helped by the fact that the ATF could do with changing. It isn't black and burnt but its not cherry red either.

2. Both front tyres are leaking air slowly which I think are the beads. I'm taking it to a local tyre place to get them looked at this week.

3. It's been bastard hot today, the aircon isn't working (never has in my ownership) the car has fully black leather, seats ain't the ventilated ones and I'm getting a sweaty back. Aircon needs looking at like yesterday!

I decided to treat it to a wash today. Now, I'm lazy and couldn't be arsed to get the pressure washer out so decided to take it to the local non eastern european car wash (Sri Lankan actually) who do a bang tidy job every time and have a high attention for detail. Decide to go for the full polish and wax and it's come out a treat





Round town fuel economy is stinging a bit but its so damn hard not leaving the box in sport mode and flooring it everywhere


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Faceache marketplace sometimes delivers more than it promises.

90's Alpine CD head unit advertised for a tenner. Lady selling it wanted me to test it before I bought it to check it worked as the last time she'd used it was in the late 90's in her xr3i 😀. Told her that for a tenner I'd take the chance.

Happy to report that its a runner


Sound quality is very very good. Well happy!

And after all if it's good enough for Mr Bond 


This popped out when powered on


Not to my tastes so asked if she wanted it back. She thought she'd lost it years ago so would be delighted to have it returned.


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The increasingly careworn Charade of mothersteve79 is currently transporting myself and steve79junior into the "wrong" side of Bath to make what will undoubtably promise to be a most unwise purchase!

All i'll say is that its from 2007, features a z19dth engine and may or may not (probably has though)  a noisy dmf.

Wish me luck!


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      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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