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Rover 420 has left Bedfordshire, enroute Nottingham

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Had this two years, spent plenty but not really used it enough


Need space for the Safrane and the Princess isn't getting touched.


Jumped in it this morning after weeks on not use and drove it across town, neh trouble - unlike the Safrane.


1993 Rover 420 SLi


post-3625-15062898224757.jpg SAM-0447.jpg SAM-0838.jpg


SAM-1096.jpg SAM-1103.jpg




Engine is the T-series NA (that pulls very well), not the kettle.


Keeps great temp

No smoke

No clutch slip

Gearbox changes great

Nightfire Red

Contrasting beige dash

Beige LEATHER sourced and fitted specially

Working windows

Working sunroof


One just of 54 left on the road

New rear calipers last year (pricey!) as it has discs all round - because 136bhp sports saloon effort

Both rear sills welded (properly and pro, not me) last year, was going to keep it forever, see

'Private' NI plate fitted

Witter Tow bar fitted

It's over 25 years old now. Where has time gone, eh


WP-20180508-20-41-34-Pro.jpg WP-20180508-20-41-51-Pro.jpg



Minor oil leaks, because T-series TADS, due to lineage relation to B-series. Undertray fitted to catch the odd drip.

Stretched and stiff clutch cable, needs changing really.

Some giffer dinking, not much

Cambelt roulette due to age

Fresh dampers would pay dividends

It's not perfect, but what is?

I'm no mechanic, and don't pretend to be


It's done approx 116k, not that it matters at this money


Travelled 200 miles for it because colour scheme and nothing else was available - had to be a T-series, see. Survival rate is diabolical:





MOT May but it's barely done a few hundred since the last


So how much for this Triumph Dolomite II / Triumph Acclaim MK3 ?


£600 please, I'm mugging myself as will never find another


Currently on super-cheap classic insurance


Where is it? You can smell Luton from here, that's where. M1 jns 9 or 11

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Drove young daughter to school in it again, what am I doing. 


Values of these are criminal.  What if it was an Orion Ghia, I dread to think.


It's like buying a Dolomite 1850 HL, in 2005, for bicycle money.

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Ok will do it as roffle


Be quick before I change my mind !


1. -Amishtat

2. -Tam

3. -fairkens

4. - cms206

5. -CortinaDave

6. -BL Bloke

7. -Rod/b

8. -LabRat

9. -Sealtainn

10. -tommotech

11. -Iamgroot

12. -TheDoctor

13. -Honey Badger

14. -aldo135

15. -fairkens

16. -inconsistant

17. -Clayts450

18. -Andyrew

19. -Robinmasters

20. -Tam

21. -Mr_Bo11ox

22. -Cheezey

23. -Daviemck2006

24. -TheDoctor

25. -primeradoner

26. -Fat_pirate

27. -tommotech

28. -Daviemck2006

29. -LabRat

30. -Iamgroot

31. -aldo135

32. -BL Bloke

33. -Honey Badger

34. -Bramz7

35. -Sealtainn

36. - cms206

37. - rantingYoof

38. -fairkens

39. - Andyrew

40. -Daviemck2006

41. -marm

42. -Jim Bell Wilson Squared

43. -CortinaDave

44. -inconsistant

45. -primeradoner

46. -Amishtat

47. -Lacquer Peel

48. -Dan_ZTT

49. -loserone

50. -mercedade

51. - rantingYoof

52. -New POD

53. -Ohdearme

54. -Rod/b

55. -NorfolkNWeigh

56. -Mr_Bo11ox

57. -Snagglepuss

58. -Marm

59. -Rod/b

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A random please, I have fond memories of these when new. A low spec one with plastic trims was the ultimate Q-Car.

To compare it with an Orion Ghia is underselling how good they were in period, BMW 325i would be more apt. And I don't really like FWD or Modern Rovers.

( how old does calling an R8 modern, make me sound?)

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In Remainerspeakese:

Compression ratio: 10,1 :1
max power: 100 kW (136 hp)
max. torque: 185 Nm    <------  8)
max torque @ rpm: 2500
top speed: 205 km/h
acceleration 0-100 km/h: 8,8 s



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Weren’t the 420 and 220 ridiculously quick for an old giffers car? I remember the diesel being sub 10 second. Would easily piss any equivalent Mk4 Golf GTI away at the lights.


The ex-everyone Rover 220 I collected from Cheezey and drove down to the Lake District to relay to catsinthewelder (that's convoluted) is really nippy, it certainly overwhelmed the ditchfinders on the front wheels even in the dry.

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An MGF and a 420 both come up and me, serial MG-R licker, with an empty wallet, FFS.


I suppose the only consolation is it's staying in the fold so maybe I'll get a crack next time around


(also posted on the MGF roffle topic)



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    • By JohnK
      1998 Mercedes C200 Elegance
      126k miles, MOT August.
      I picked this up from AndyW201 about a fortnight ago as a daily to replace the Cavalier whilst I take it off the road, I've done about 1000 miles in it, drives absolutely spot on and Andy has definitely undersold it in his description.
      However, due to buying the A8 from sims and another potential purchase I'm in negotiations with on here, I really need to free up some space - my storage is absolutely maxed with stuff and I now have 4 cars at home annoying the neighbours, I need to make some movement.
      Scrubs up fairly well, it has had some odd touch ups around the body but nothing that overly stands out, decent tyres all round, all electric work, has cruise control so is ideal on A roads/Motorways etc.
      £350 or will roffle at £6 a ticket. Delivery possible.

    • By TheDoctor
      I don't like it. I want a small car. Suzuki Wagon or similar. 
      £350 or roffle at 6 quid each.
      159,000 miles. Just under a year's MOT
      Leather Interior (Actually that's a 'bad' to some people)
      Complicated starting method - 2 keys and an immobilizer
      Likes a drink - TADTS (Plus it is Scottish)
      Smells oily sometimes - TADTS
      Tappy noise occasionally. Have been told Vanos - but hasn't affected anything. Might actually just be a loose engine cover.
      Gearbox hangs in a low gear for first 30 seconds or so of driving after cold start. Fine after that. 
      Bodywork has scratches and rust (rear arches)
      I don't actually have many pictures...

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      Proper funny-face Multipla
      My wife's car for last 8 years
      ELX spec, so has the twin sunroofs
      8v turbo diesel that plods on and on.  And on and on.  Did the 20 mile commute today, outside lane of M1 for a lot of it.
      Dependable to go anywhere. More reliable that was ever in the blueprint !
      Clutch 2016
      Cambelt 2017
      180k and everything still works including the folding mirrors, air con, both sunroofs, all windows, etc
      Some war wounds well what do you expect, some interior sticky plastics but nothing broken

      Some noisy front clonking to deal with -  was told it's the inner ARB bushings despite MOT man being happy.  Just been turning up the stereo
      Now has a Cat-C marker because of this.  Grrr.  The upshot is the insurer valued it at £1k.  Stitched together with cable ties for now.   

      MOT all the way to October
      Thinking roffling at Tenner a ticket - it really is that reliable and I don't want it gone but wife is in ear about it.  Taxed and insured until end of the month, see
      We moved white goods with it last week and a whole fixed panels front end from a classic Mini (Riley Elf ectually) the week before.  So VAN status is achievable as the seats just lift out

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    • By gm
      this has been stagnating over in the for sale section for a couple of weeks and I really need to get it shifted (fatha gm is not happy about it being parked out front of his house)
      so tickets are now only FOUR EARTH POUNDS EACH or THREE FOR A TENNER !
      the original roffle post is here 
      but please reply below with how many tickets you are wanting

      the list so far (copied over from previous post)
      1 primeradoner (somewhere local)
      2 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      3 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      4 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      5 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      6 BL bloke (oldbury)
      7 Brown Nova (north wales)
      8 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotland)
      9 ohdearme (dunno, down south ?)
      10 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      11 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      12 sealtainn (fucking shetland!)
      13 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      14 primeradoner (local lad)
      15 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      16 Flat4 (scotland)
      17 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (scootland)
      18 cavcraft c/o the doctor (chester(not -le-street))
      19 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      20 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      21 Brown Nova (north wales)
      22 Flat4 (near knock hill, I hear)
      23 BL bloke (oldbury)
      24 primeradoner (local lad)
      25 sealtainn (really ? fucking shetland ?)
      26 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotchland)
      27 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      28 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      29 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      30 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      31 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      32 primeradoner (local car for local people)
      33 cavcraft (chester(not -le-street))
      34 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      35 Toby (Ipswich)
      36 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      37 Brown Nova (north wales)
      38 Flat4 (jocks wahay)
      39 Toby (Ipswich)
      40 Toby (Ipswich)
      41 cavcraft (three trains away)
      42 sealtainn (floating by boat)
      43 BL bloke (oldbury)
      44 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      45 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      46 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      47 gadgetgricey (brum, brum)
      48 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      49 Snagglepuss (could it be autotested?)
      50 sealtainn c/o loserone
      51 primeradoner (local lad)
      52 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      53 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (swap you for a haggis supper?)
      54 cavcraft (packed lunch included)
      55 primeradoner (howay the lads)
      56 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      57 The Doctor (time and space)
      58 cavcraft c/o the doctor (I'll pick you up in the roffle 107)
      59 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
    • By purplebargeken
      Things are a changing folks, the Rover of Smoothness has to go and I think a Rover Roffle is the way for this to happen.
      You can see piccies of the car elsewhere on the forum but will try and post some as soon as I can over the weekend.
      This is really a lovely car that has had some serious money spent on her over the last few years.
      I have had a new rear section of exhaust fitted, a new brake caliper fitted to the N/S rear and it has had the CVT fluid drained and changed by the Rover specialist in St. Albans just a few months ago.  I had a new battery fitted when I bought her as well. She is a lovely smooth driving car, utterly comfortable too and she motors along beautifully. Quibbles? The heated seats don't work but seeing as the seats are velour fabric, that really isn't an issue.  A few giffer scuffs on the bumpers are present and there is a slight ding in the drivers front wing but I have a good wing that will come with the car.  The boot lid will sometimes come down unannounced but I was going to add a spring to the mechanism and see if it helped.  That's it really.  Mileage is around 58,000 or so. MOT till November I think. The old reg will come with the car and the current reg will be retained by me.  No OMG HGF/coolant loss/overheating issues whatsoever.
      She is insured under a classic insurance banner by PBIS. This is a lovely, lovely car.
      Roffle interest at £8 per number? Taxed to get you home. 
      If anyone wants to cross my palm with pound notes then £425 will see the car bought for cash tonite mate, no X boxes, sorry. 
      2. Sealtain (R)
      4. minimad5 (R)
      5. brown nova (R)
      7. ohdearme (R)
      9. ranting Yoof (R)
      12. TheDoctor (R)
      14. sealtain (R)
      16. flat4
      18. ohdearme (R)
      22. ranting Yoof (R)
      27. brown nova (R)
      28. gadgetpricey
      32. minimad5 (R)
      39. iamgroot
      46. barefoot (R)
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