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Suttys 1976 Opel Manta S coupe long term* project

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Would love to see that crapi bonnet bulge in the manta bonnet. Me and Fordperv we’re going to do that to my hatches bonnet when I put a cav SRI two leetar in and the original 1.8 Weber wouldn’t fit. Ended up cutting a hole and making own bulge out of the crapi bonnet. :lol:

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Today. Removed original front axle to fit rebuilt axle. Finish off painting around the chassis legs while it’s off. Glad I’ve not rebuilt the existing axle as it looks like the factory welded engine mounts have been swapped round and badly welded back on. They should sit the other way round.




Baaaaaaaaaaad weldy weldy




Why does this forum flip pictures? It’s not nessesary!



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Ive tried twice now to sort pictures out. Im now using my PC (instead of iPhone). Saved pictures to my PC and rotated them the correct way. Forum still flips them left 90degrees. Have then tried flipping the image 90degrees to the right, but the forum flips them left 180! WTactualF!


edit. Right, tried again this time screen shotting the picture in landscape. Reupload, its now correct. So the forum flips pictures from portrait to landscape automatically. hmmmmm




I bought a reconditioned steering rack from a car show hundreds of years ago, and stored it in the roof beams of my unit. I pulled it out today to attach to new axle but the gaitors have all perished. No Dramas. I bought a rack gaitor kit years ago I'll chuck that on. Turns out the rack end diameter and the boot end diameter are different sizes.... balls. So i check the kit fitted to the old rack on the axle ive just taken off. On that one, theres little rubber spacers fitted to accomodate bigger holed boots. Grand. So tomorrows job is to get those off and get the rack built up and fitted. Then fit the axle.

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I remember when that got nicked, didn’t you find it in a scrap yard? Where are you living now?

That's the one, found it when a member of the OMOC spotted the interior for sale on ebay.....

Went down and confirmed it without telling the seller then popped to the local copshop and let them know


I'm living out in Bulgaria now but the Manta pickings are very far and few...

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Another few hours spent tinkering today. Removed the “grommets” from the old rack and fitted them to the new one. Cleaned the old grease out and slapped some new on then fitted new gaitors.








Then set too and fitted the axle, then the rack to the axle. Had to get some new nuts for the main axle mounts as put the old ones in that really safe place where they are going to live the rest of their lives out. New ones didn’t break the bank though.


Also fitted the brake servo




Had a visit from the farms dog Lunar, labradoodle.




And a picture of the fitted axle, rack with new track rod ends.




Yay working pictures!

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Done a few more jobs today. Fitted Koni adjustable front shockers off my red manta (fitted newer shocks on that last year), fitted painted anti roll bar and new arb links (Powerflow bushes as didn’t have any nos ones). Fitted hubs and a set of wheels to test fit everything. Even Mrs sutty helped.







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