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Volvo V70 D5: Dark Beast gone Scotch

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Crumpets and sweet preserves? What is wrong with you? Crumpets are for butter and marmite only, occasionally with a fried egg, and that is the end of the matter.


on a scale of pitch forked and torched to lynched hung drawn and quartered


where do I fall, because I put nutella on my crumpets? 


(sometimes I even put 2 together to make a crumpet sandwich...)



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Or how many packets of crumpets will fit in the back of a V70? Or Square or round crumpets? 


a square crumpet?! what is this heresy!?

(Cant say iv ever heard of a square crumpet before...)


I shall add to the discussion that it took me about 6 years before trying a crumpet (knowingly) after I came here. I ate it with butter. That's my contribution to integration.


if its any condolences the first time I came across some crumpets I didn't realise you had to toast them first, and tried to eat it raw...



oh and the Volvo is very nice as others say, looks sharp in black :) 

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Morrisons sell square crumpets, they fit better in the toaster and you get more crumpet for your money. I think square crumpets were inspired by the design of the Volvo estate.




would ya look at that...

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